Family members as an accessory?!

Victoria Worth of Ashfield, MA writes:

Dear Hilltown Families,

You couldn’t imagine adopting a child for an hour or two a day, yet some people are actually hoping this will be a reality for other creatures whom we also consider part of our families. Legislation was recently passed in Boston to keep a dog-rental company, FlexPetz, from opening its doors there this summer. FlexPetz has made a business out of offering dogs for rent to people who are willing to pay hefty annual, monthly, and per-visit fees.

Anyone who’s ever had a dog knows how hard it is on dogs when their human companions are separated from them for even one day. Dogs thrive on routine. They need to have their own territory and must be able to bond with a “pack” in order to feel secure and happy. FlexPetz makes money at the expense of the psychological well-being of animals. FlexPetz caters to human convenience and sends the wrong message—that it is acceptable to trade dogs as if they were video games.

Legislation that will address this issue for the entire state of Massachusetts—House Bill (HB) 4753, An Act Prohibiting the Renting of Pets—has been introduced. If it becomes law, HB 4753 would make it illegal to engage in the business of leasing or renting dogs and cats.

The Massachusetts legislative session adjourns this month. If HB 4753 is not passed by the end of the session, FlexPetz will be allowed to begin the irresponsible practice of renting animals as soon as August in areas outside of Boston. Your help is needed now. Time is of the essence, so today, please politely urge both your House Representative and your Senator to support House Bill 4753, An Act Prohibiting the Renting of Pets. Be sure to identify yourself as his or her constituent, and include your name and address. The animals in Massachusetts are counting on you!

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  1. Flexpetz is appalling, but the fact is, the more you look into it, the more creeped out you get.

    I’m a local blogger who has been covering this issue in depth and I’ve unearthed a bunch of stuff. For example, flexpetz is owned in secret by a know felon who’s actually served jail time in England.

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