HFVS Weekly Giveaway: The Nields (book & CD)

The Nields: How to Be an Adult (book) & All Together Singing in the Kitchen (CD)


The Nields have a book out titled How to Be an Adult. The book is written by Nerissa Nields and illustrated by her sister, Katryna Nields. Boy I wish I had a copy of this when I was in my 20’s. It’s a must have and the perfect gift for any young adult.

Here’s what Suzanne Wilson from the Daily Hampshire Gazette has to say about How to Be an Adult:

In her introduction, Nerissa Nields writes that this book was originally her younger sister’s idea. Katryna, she says, “had just graduated from college and felt clueless … while trying to figure out things like how to get health insurance and how to pay her taxes on the nonexistent income of a budding folk singer. How are we supposed to know any of this stuff?”

Excellent question. The result is this book, a collaborative work from the sisters who live in this area and have been making music together since 1991. Though the book is written in a breezy, often entertaining, manner, it is in fact packed with practical advice gleaned from interviews the author did with, as she points out, “over 35 actual adults.”

The table of contents by itself is worth the price of admission. Among the chapter headings: “How to decide what you want to be when you grow up”; “Failure”; “Organized religion”; “Eight cheap forms of therapy”; “Trash”; “Finding roommates”; “Should you buy or rent”; “Debt”; “Mail clutter”; “Laundry”; “How to fix a broken toilet”; “How to keep in touch with parents.”

Jill Stratton, associate dean of students at Washington University in St. Louis, writes that, “As someone who works with college students on a daily basis, I have been waiting for this book to be written. Nields is the big sister and coach we all need when embarking on such an adventure.”

They have sent us a promotional copy for this weeks giveaway, along with a copy of their fabulous family album, All Together Singing in the Kitchen.


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4 Comments on “HFVS Weekly Giveaway: The Nields (book & CD)

  1. I Have been an “adult” for quite a long while, but our daughter is recently out of college and learning how to be one. Maybe this book would help. I’d certainly like to read it myself. Looks like a good read! Ginny Ansbergs from Plainfield, MA ginny-rose@att.net

  2. I really love the Nields’ song “Moonlighter” and this book looks very interesting. Even though I don’t need to be an adult yet.
    Rosa Shapiro-Thompson, Worthington, MA

  3. We have enjoyed the Nields’ music and I’m sure the book is equally witty and enjoyable. I’d love to read it! Rory Dexter, Pelham, MA

  4. This book sounds so good. It’s nice to see this audience is being reached.
    Elizabeth M. Stevensville, MI Thanks for the giveaway. I’d really like reading this.

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