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Notes from Nan: Look What We Got!
BY HF Contributing Writer, Nan Parati

You probably wonder what I’ve been doing all week since we didn’t have dinner last Friday night. Well, I will tell you. I have getting all wound up for another event!

It’s the First Annual

Elmer’s Blues Festival!

On Saturday, August 2, 2008.

Starring Chris Smither!

At Elmer’s!

Can you freakin’ believe it?

And Jeremy Lyons of New Orleans!

Jeremy Lyons is a blues musician from New Orleans who is quite well known there. I know him from his years playing at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. If you don’t know his music, listen up at http://www.JeremyLyons.com and come in and get yourself a ticket! If

And you can get yourself going with Chris Smither’s music at http://www.ChrisSmither.com

Tickets are available at Elmer’s Store

And we’ve got more good southern Food! Oh lord, Jim is going to be cooking up a storm! And having learned buckets about what to expect here from the overwhelming success of our Cajun Festival, we will have multiple food booths!

And Food tickets so that you can just buy them when you get there, go on in with a pocket full of tickets and get the food you want when you want it.

And Lots of it!

And like I said, we did learn a lot about what we have done wrought here at Elmer’s so we will also have Portalets!

You should bring your lawn chairs!

Since the blues isn’t so much dancing music, bring your lawn chairs and sit out under the stars eating chicken and fried catfish just like the old days during the Great Depression.

I will provide more details as I find them out, but I just wanted to tell you about this now so you can know about it before it’s too late. Ticket sales to this event will be somewhat limited, so don’t dawdle!

If it should happen to rain, I’ve secured the Town Hall as the first runner up of a venue.

Now this week we will be having dinner at Elmer’s again. 

Since it finally seems to have turned summer, we’re having a nice, refreshing summer-time meal. Jim’s making:

  • Gazpacho
  • Grilled Asian Chicken (Editor’s note: He made that for a catering event a few weeks ago and I nearly cried as I was loading it up to deliver to other people besides myself. It smelled so good, I wanted some but he was counting the pieces so I couldn’t have any. So I asked him to make it for us now. And he is.)
  • Cool Peanut Pasta Salad with Vegetables
  • Szechuan String Beans

And for vegetarians:

  • Gazpacho
  • Grilled vegetables
  • Cool Peanut Pasta Salad with Vegetables
  • Szechuan String Beans

Hey all you film folks:

“The FilmFest Committee is calling for entries to the 2nd Annual Ashfield FilmFest. All entries are due by August 12, 2008. Please go to our web site http://ashfieldfilmfest.org for further information and to pre-register your entries”.

I don’t know if you attended the Ashfield Film Fest Showing and Awards last year, but it was really fun! Get yourself an entry together—or if you’re not that far in your film career, just get yourself some clothes on and attend the gala affair. At this moment I’m not sure when it is, but it’ll be a big fun night in your life!

You know, people ask me, “Nanny, you’re from the south and you don’t think this weather is hot. What is your secret?”

I will tell you: Watermelon. Eat watermelon three times a day and not only will you lose a lot of weight, you’ll stay refreshed and cool and well-hydrated! And you’ll pee a lot, which is also very beneficial! Wait—excuse me–

(What? You can’t talk about pee? What do you—why not?

But it’s natural—and—what?
Oh. Okay. Sorry.)

Plus, you have to embrace the sweat and feel the invisible breeze. But you probably don’t want to hear that. But it’s true.

This Summer at Double Edge!

. A brand-new version of our original re-imagining of don Quixote — the UnPOSSESSED — was presented June 21-22 in the exquisite Terrace Theater at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC, a 570-seat proscenium stage, to sold-out and near sold-out crowds on both nights. Audiences came from near and far to see how Double Edge would translate its intimate work to this spectacular venue.

In attendance was best-selling novelist Barbara Mujica (author of Frida) who wrote:
the UnPOSSESSED is really extraordinary—a visually gorgeous piece of theater, with marvelous acting. What creativity!”

A reception hosted by the Embassy of Spain was marked by the words of special guest and board member Phillip Arnoult, Director of the Center for International Development, who acknowledged the ensemble and the Farm Center as one of the foremost laboratories for theatre, art, training and culture in the US.

It was a fantastic time for Double Edge to be able to share our performance in this way, thanks to the support of all who helped make it possible, and to the Kennedy Center’s ETC Series producer Alicia Adams, her staff, and the wonderful production team. They paved the way for the UnPOSSESSED to come to new life with dazzling flight over the audience and a haunting battle between Quixote (Carlos Uriona) and the glimmering shadow of the Knight of the Mirrors!

The Summer of Don Quixote will culminate in August with another very special event when we perform our annual indoor/ outdoor traveling performance spectacle: The Illustrious Return of Don Quixote, August 6 – 23. This annual series has sold out for the last four years so we urge you to buy your tickets today to the most imaginative and magical event of the summer. Spectators travel with Quixote and Sancho on all new adventures on land, water and in the air. An early bird discount is available for The Illustrious Return of Don Quixote to email subscribers only. To get your discount, click here, pick the date you wish to attend and enter promotional code: windmill.

See you this summer at the Farm—and thank you for your support which makes the impossible, possible.

So let’s see what old Rob has to say this week:

Rob’s Grocery Talk with Rob


One of the benefits of being a grocer is all the phone calls you get from people who want you to sell their stuff in your store. Why, hardly a week goes by without some earnest young man pitching some fantastic localorganicfairtradevegan something-or-other that I really should stock because there is a HUGE demand for it. Now understand, these people are not lying, and many of these products should be in our store, and if they didn’t call me I would never know about it. So I really do consider it a benefit of being a grocer (especially if they send me free samples).

So a few weeks ago, I started getting calls from a guy who makes pickles named Dan. Of course, the thought of a jar full of pickles that all had the same first name is rather amusing to me, so I decided against re-writing the previous sentence. Anyway, Dan is the guy who makes pickles and it turns out he is possibly the most persistently pitching pickle producing person presently picking, pickling, and packaging pickles named Dan.

And he does it right here in Greenfield, too. Nan and I had a chance to tour the facilities a couple of weeks ago (we had to wear hair nets, but mine didn’t fit very well because it was actually a beard net. One of these days I’m going on a rant about beards) and Dan took us through the whole process. Okay, it was sauerkraut (the pickles are still growing in the orchards) but it was neat to see how everything was done. And of course, free samples ensued. Now that’s how you sell to a grocer! Unfortunately, we can not carry his products until we have more space in our coolers, but we’re working on that.

Hey Nan! What do you think of the Grocery Report so far? I think talking about a product we don’t even carry is a pretty good start for my Whipple Recovery Process.

Grocery Report

Remember a few weeks ago when I was touting Stacy’s pita chips? Well, I’m dumping Stacy because I’m in love with Rita. That’s right- Pita Ritas® pita chips are available at Elmer’s Store! These light and crispy pita chips are totally organic with no chemicals, artificial ingredients, additives, preservatives, cholesterol, or Trans Ams. Best of all, you’ll think you’re eating something right out of the deep fryer at your favorite restaurant (although your favorite restaurant is Elmer’s and we don’t have a deep fryer but you know what I mean). Available in Cheddar Cheese or Mediterranean flavor.

Other than that, we just have your regular favorites so come on in, get an iced tea and cool off on our front porch. That’s summer, folks.


P.S. If you see a big guy on a tiny scooter, feel free to point and laugh at him. He needs the attention.

Okay! Since it’s so late and I don’t want to keep you up any longer, we’ll go right to Little Donna Elwell’s Farm Report:

Little Donna Elwell went to Market

Yesterday, I took my plastic laundry basket and headed to the Ashfield
Farmer’s Market in the rain. I bought lettuce from Mary Beth and
Derek of Sangha Farm and beet greens and tomatoes from Cecelia and
Emmet of Sidehill Farm. With my white basket overflowing with shades
of green, I walked up to Elmer’s and stocked the cooler. Can’t get
any more local than that!


SATURDAY, 7/5/08
From Sangha Farm in Ashfield

SATURDAY, 7/5/08
From Sidehill Farm in Ashfield
BEETS GREENS with young beets

FRIDAY, 7/4/08
From Spring Water Garden in Ashfield

THURSDAY, 6/26/08
From Spring Water Garden in Ashfield

Organic (CA) Apples: Fuji
Organic (Ecuador) Bananas
Organic (HI) Ginger Root
Organic (CA) Mushrooms: Portabella
Organic (CA) Peaches
Organic (CA) Plums: Red
Organic (CA) Potatoes: Red and Gold

Organic (CA) Carrots
Organic (CA) Fennel
Organic (Argentina) Garlic
Organic (CA) Leeks
Organic (CA) Onions
Organic (CA) Oranges
Organic (CA) Spinach
Organic (FL) Zucchini

To make specific produce requests, email me at


Do you know it’s after midnight? I’m going to bed.

See you around and every where! And I’m hoping, at the FIRST ANNUAL ELMER’S BLUES FESTIVAL!

Big E

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