A Different Kind of Playdate

A Different Kind of Playdate

Victoria Worth of Ashfield writes:

In Ashfield yesterday at Elmer’s, I approached Nan’s father about arranging a playdate with my mother. I didn’t expect his answer, “Well, I already have a playmate.” Needless to say, I turned a bright shade of red and explained that I meant nothing more than a cup of tea and conversation. I reassured him my my 88-year old mother was interested in meeting other elderly folks in the neighborhood, and that his wife was, of course, included. As I was excusing my use of the term, “playdate,” I pointed out that my mother’s idea of ‘play’ probably amounted to no more than a game of cards.

I realized at that point that my language is more fitting for get-togethers with my five-year old than with those of the generation beyond my own. Well, call it what you will. I am seeking contemporary companionship for my 88-year old mother. Really very above-board, I assure you. My mother is a most respectable lady, regardless of her daughter’s awkward introduction.

Kindly reply to vkworth@gmail.com.

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