Suggested Events 07/05/08 – 07/11/08


This week’s Suggested Events is on vacation. But we’ll return next week so be sure to check back. If you’re looking for something to do, don’t fret … visit our Suggest An Event page for a lot of great family friendly activities people have suggested, or visit our Things to Do, Place to See page for local attractions.

If you know of any other upcoming events, post them here to let our readers know.  Just scroll down to the bottom of that page and post your suggested event in the comment box to share with our readers.

3 Comments on “Suggested Events 07/05/08 – 07/11/08

  1. Enjoy your break Sienna!

    I should say that not having your list for just a week makes me notice how much I’ve grown to depend on it. You’re a gem and have given my families great local resources, entertainment and connections!

  2. omg! we’ve come to rely on the suggested events. looking forward to next weeks. thanks for putting this out very week.

  3. Have a well deserved break Siena. You deserve it! – Thx for all you do.

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