Ticket Giveaway: Clearwater Music Festival

Clearwater Music Festival: A Fun Family Experience

The Clearwater Music Festival happens next weekend on the Shores of the Hudson River at Croton Point Park, Croton-on-Hudson, NY. Before my daughter was born I was a volunteer at the festival for years. Last year was the first year I took my daughter, and this year we’re volunteering in the children’s arts & craft area. I just love this festival, and it’s a great festival to take the family to – plus, we have FIVE FREE TICKETS to giveaway! To enter to win simply post us a comment below by 5pm Sunday (that’s tomorrow!).

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Photos (c) Hilltown Families.

“The Festival that Saved a River”–which has been at the forefront of the nation’s environmental movement in the struggle for clean waterways–is celebrating 40 years of environmental action, education and music. Inspired by a desire of singer/activist Pete Seeger to clean up the Hudson River, the Festival today attracts thousands of visitors for a weekend offering the best in family fun and children’s activities, crafts, and environmental education. Clearwater Revival is the most environmentally conscious outdoor event in the country, with five stages powered by solar, wind, and bio-diesel sustainable energy. In keeping with Clearwater’s environmental mission, the Festival features musicians, speakers, vendors, environmental exhibits, and grassroots activists advocating a sustainable lifestyle and social responsibility.

This year the Festival has significantly stepped up its efforts to reach its “Zero Waste” goal by arranging to collect all food waste for composing. Clearwater was the first major festival to develop the concept more than 42 years ago with the Litter Picking Committee, and today it is an integral part of our efforts to make our event a model for all other Festivals to follow.

Clearwater is also using recyclable products and encouraging visitors to bring their own water, minimizing the environmental impact on the site. The five performance stages are all powered with 100% sustainable energy that includes solar and bio-diesel.

The festival will also feature hands-on environmental education workshops and exhibits, including the GREEN LIVING EXPO, where companies, firms and organizations showcase green products or services, an the ACTIVIST AREA, where visitors can get information on many of the community’s important environmental groups.

For more information visit their web site at www.clearwaterfestival.org

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  1. I’d love to take my six-year old daughter now that she is old enough to appreciate. I took her when she was a year old. It’s time to go back!

  2. To Whomever It Was That Took Plants from the Campground at Croton Point Park after the Clearwater Festival:

    PLEASE BRING OUR PLANTS BACK!!! They were not abandoned!! Their “brothers and sisters” miss them! Thirteen or fourteen of our house plants were taken from the campground after the weekend, possibly on Monday morning. We were STUNNED to find them gone when we went up to fetch them.


    – The Loquat tree (tall furry-leaved in orange plastic pot) was grown from a seed from a fruit eaten when our son was born – eight-and-a-half years ago!!!

    – The large rose bush was given to me on Valentine’s Day in 2003!!

    – The tiny rose in the rectangular terra cotta pot was a Valentine’s gift from this year.

    – The dark purple shamrock in the ceramic bowl was gifted to us as a road trip present by kind strangers we met on one of our journeys (the bowl was made for us by a dear friend). You are welcome to keep a few shamrock bulbs for your own garden.

    – The baby laurel tree I’ve had since it was tiny.

    – I am too distraught to remember who else was taken!!!

    Most of the plants you took are tropical and will not survive the cold Northeast winter!!!

    We will be in New York for the next few months. PLEASE arrange with us to have the plants returned.


    Lance Hatcher

    Elan, eight-and-a-half years old
    Please contact my mom or dad soon!

    Nixi Rosenberry

  3. Fia and I would love to go, we’ve heard of the Festival so much through friends who have been working there for years, it sounds great!!!

  4. We would love to go! Hope we have a chance at it!

  5. My family (3) would love to go. Enter us to win. We’re in Florence, MA.

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