Laissez le Bon temp rouler! (Let the good times roll!)

Notes from Nan: Things to Do When It’s Hot Out
BY HF Contributing Writer, Nan Parati

More news on Elmer’s Big Cajun fest!

I talked to Gus our guest chef this morning and Lord, this is going to be a spectacle! More than just fun, it’s an out-right spectacle! Most towns in the whole world never get this much outside!

So Gus and his crew are coming to Ashfield on Wednesday and on Thursday (June 18th & 19th) they’re setting up all their stuff to cook outside. We’re frying turkeys (first you inject them with the Cajun Injector, then you fry them, whole in the big rig Gus is bringing with him!) Cajuns like to cook and when they cook, they like to cook for lots and lots of people.

Then he’s bringing a big, black caldron in which to make his jambalaya—he says it tastes best that way and then he’s bringing some sort of other outside oven he calls the Cajun microwave and I have no idea what in the world that is, but I’m betting that it is something that was invented way before regular old American microwaves ever were.

And he’s adding to the menu: He’s now including some sort of Baked Eggplant thing.

Now, one would usually say, “You don’t want to miss this”, but I’m thinking that by the time the whole thing is said and done, you’ll want to cancel your summer vacation for this. This looks to be a whole adventure right here at home!

Come early (on Thursday or in the day on Friday just to watch and learn and talk with Gus. He has tales to tell! He cooks for people all over the world (big corporate people, big fancy people, little funny people) and FOR US AT ELMER’S! You are going to love yourself some Gus! Every body does!

Come for the food, come for the dance, come for the music, come just for the experience!

Friday, June 20th! 5pm! ($)

Now, this Saturday we’re having a smaller, less wilder outdoor event, and that will be …

Katie Clarke & Charlie Conant

Originals, Bluegrass and Old-time Country Tunes

Out on our front porch and we will be serving a nice, cool, out-door sort of dinner! Come out and listen to Katie and sit outside and eat yourself some dinner. Bring the kids and it’s free except for the food and maybe a tip for the band! We haven’t planned the menu yet, but we’re thinking some sort of nice, cool sandwich wrap and maybe some cold soup of some sort. Chef Jim’s thinking on it now.

Speaking of Chef Jim, let’s see what he’s making for dinner this week! Did you see those pork chops he grilled up last week? They was big as your head! And I ain’t kidding!

Friday Night Menu (06/13/08)

This week we have a nice, cool summer dinner of:

  • Grilled honey thyme Dijon-glazed Chicken
  • Orecchiette pasta salad with cucumbers, green beans, dill and fennel
  • Caeser Salad

This just in from the Relay for Life—and I want you to know that I DID NOT WRITE THIS.


Last week end was The Franklin County Relay for Life. Thanks to Nan for helping me to get the word out and raise over $500. This is the second time that Nan has supported me in the battle against cancer. The first time was back in New Orleans when I was diagnosed with the disease. Her shoulders absorbed lots of my tears, and in her typical way, she would eventually get me to laugh.

Thank you Nan for your love, help, and support.


And I’d like to say that it twernt nothin’. What she didn’t tell you about in there is all the hard times she’s helped me through. Do you know that one time when Peggy had not a penny in the world, and neither did I, she sent me $100 just so I could do something nice for myself? Giving someone a shoulder to cry on when they have cancer is one thing. Coming up with $100 you ain’t got just because your friend is bummed out is a whole nother! That’s not in anybody’s rule book!

(Now see, here’s how I would have written it):


Last week end was The Franklin County Relay for Life. Thanks to my very sweetest friend in the whole world, Nan for helping me to get the word out and raise over $500. This is the five hundredth time that Nan has supported me in my whole life. The last time was back in New Orleans when I was diagnosed with the disease. Her shoulders absorbed lots of my tears, and in her typical way, she cured me of cancer.

Thank you Nan for your
amazing and never tiring love, help, and support. I will now give you all the money we raised.


Enough of this sentimental stuff! Let’s go to the Farm Report!

The Farm Report


Friday is your lucky day, even though it is the 13th! We will be
getting Fuji apples, bananas, and peaches to satisfy our cravings for
juicy snacks and there are oranges in the cooler. I’ll also be
scouting out the local strawberry scene, so by the weekend Elmer’s


WEDNESDAY, 6/11/08

WEDNESDAY, 6/11/08
BABY LETTUCE MIX and RHUBARB from Spring Water Garden

SUNDAY, 6/8/08
MESCLUN from Sidehill Farm

BABY LETTUCE MIX from Sangha Farm

SATURDAY, 5/31/08

FRIDAY, 5/30/08
RHUBARB from Spring Water Gardens


Organic (USA)Apples: Fuji
Organic (Ecuador) Bananas
Organic (CA) Broccoli Crowns
Organic (CA) Carrots
Organic (CA) Celery
Organic (CA) Cucumbers
Organic (CA) Herbs: Cilantro
Organic (Mexico) Lemons
Organic (CA) Onions
Organic (Ca) Peaches
Organic (CA) Potatoes
Organic (VT) Tomatoes: Good n’ Ugly
Organic (FL) Summer Squash
Organic (FL) Zuchinni

Organic (CA) Red Beets
Organic (CA) Bok Choy
Organic (CA) Carrots
Organic (CA) Cucumbers
Organic (Argentina) Garlic
Organic (HI) Ginger Root
Organic (Ca) Mushrooms: Crimini
Organic (CA) Oranges
Organic (CA) Parsnips
Organic (CA) Scallions
Organic (VT) Sprouts: Alfalfa
To make specific produce requests, email me at


Oh look! Rob’s talking about fruit, too!

Rob’s Grocery Talk with Rob

OK I’m gonna make it quick ‘cause it is HOT HOT HOT in here (most of you don’t know this, but Nan locks me into a small windowless room with all the dirty towels and doesn’t let me out until the grocery report is done).

And the thing is, I love this weather. I’m not saying I want it day after day, but it just can’t be what we call “summer” until we get a blast like this. Honestly, I thought about returning my thermometer to the hardware store because it just didn’t, you know, DO anything.

Aside: Ever go thermometer shopping and notice all the thermometers

display different temperatures? How do you know which one’s correct?

Grocery Report

Well the truck’s comin’ Tuesday and not a minute too soon! I know some of you think I’m pushing cranberry juice a little hard, but that’s all we have left. You even bought all the pear flavored soda and that’s been in the cooler for Ten years! Same with the Maple soda. All gone. Man, I hope the spritzers get here.

A few weeks ago I went to this really great party and was introduced to Lundburg Rice Crisps (I used to get introduced to girls, but oh well) and I liked them so much I ordered a bunch for you to take to the beach. That, plus more of that yummy white cheddar popcorn you’ve been snarfing.

All that and much more coming to Elmer’s Store! On Tuesday!

Nan, can I come out now?

No! Stay in there!

Well, that’s all for now!

Big E

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