Peggy & Nan Raise $ for Relay for Life

Notes from Nan: Run For Somebody’s Life
BY HF Contributing Writer, Nan Parati


Don’t forget the RELAY FOR LIFE at the Franklin County Fair Grounds, in Greenfield on Friday and Saturday, June 6th &7th. Our own Peggy of Elmer’s is a cancer survivor and is participating with the team from The Congregational Church. She’s collecting money for the event at Elmer’s, and so, in our support and friendship with Peggy who we are so glad is still here with us, Elmer’s will contribute 10% of our coffee earnings from today through the 7th to the event. So come on in, get yourself a coffee and contribute to an extremely important cause. The circle of friends going through some sort of diagnosis, radiation and various forms of Chemotherapy seems to get larger and more intimate every day.

Checks contributing directly to the event should be made out to the American Cancer Society.

Checks for coffee should be made out to Elmer’s.

Did you see that we now have outside tables at Elmer’s? We do! You can enjoy the rise of the sun at breakfast, the warmth of the sun for afternoon tea or the red glow of dinner at sunset out there all summer long! Of course we don’t have a lake for you to gaze at, but I am considering the addition of a mountain range on the other side of Norton Hill road. I was just out in Boulder, Colorado and they had some nice ones out there. Maybe a couple of nice snow-capped 5000 foot peaks, right across the street for you to look at while you eat? Wouldn’t that be pretty? I’m pricing them right now and I’ll get back to you on whether or not we’ll be able to get those installed before the end of summer.


This Friday you can bask in the last strains of daylight with a delicious dinner of

  • Pasta Primavera (with zucchini, mushrooms, squash and onions)
  • in a Roasted red pepper sherry cream sauce
  • with grilled shrimp
  • and a field greens salad

Vegetarians will bask in their glow with

  • Pasta Primavera (with zucchini, mushrooms, squash and onions)
  • in a Roasted red pepper sherry cream sauce

and Susanne is making a fresh and local rhubarb crumbly dessert with rhubarb from Donna’s garden.

Come and celebrate warmth and spring, outdoors and local produce this Friday night!

And let’s see what old Rob is up to this week with

Rob’s Grocery Talk with Rob

Well, I’m back from my fabulous getaway at Martha’s Vineyard with my new girlfriend Kelly Ripa!

We had such a wonderful time together, but you know what? I really think she wants to get married and start a family right away! The whole time we were there she seemed obsessed with this one guy and his kids. She kind of made friends with him almost immediately and before I knew it, she was spending most of the time playing with the children.

I’m a pretty laid-back, understanding kind of guy so at first I just kinda went with it, you know? Just hung back by myself and watched things from a distance. But then I noticed she was getting really chummy with this “Mark” guy and I saw him even rub her shoulders once while she was lounging under a blue and white striped awning outside his cottage. What an idiot! That whole “can I give you a backrub?” routine is the oldest trick in the book. I practically invented it.

But then he had the nerve to bend over and kiss her on top of her head. And she smiled! I almost dropped my binoculars out of shock. But it gets worse. He then took her hand and she stood up and went inside with him and I’ll just bet it wasn’t to go to the kitchen to make peanut butter sandwiches!

Now I’ve been in this situation before with my previous girlfriend (don’t even get me started about Paris- that little B#*&@) and I wasn’t about to let it happen again so I took off at a dead run toward the cottage (probably belongs to his daddy) and just as I got there these two cop guys on mountain bikes tried to stop me. I told them that my girlfriend was about to make a big mistake and they were not going to stop me from rescuing her.

Well, I can’t really recall what happened next, but I will tell you that those Tazer things really do work and you should avoid getting hit by one, if you can.

Grocery talk

Many thanks to all who have decided to by more groceries at Elmer’s Store and thus help our little Micro Economy and save some gas to boot. We really owe a lot of credit to Donna, who keeps the produce fresh and plentiful. I have noticed that many of you come here for produce first and then decide to get some other stuff while you’re at it. Thank you Donna for keeping that scale humming.

I have totally underestimated the amount of beverages that get sold out of our cooler and I will rectify the shortages on my next order. As Nan has mentioned, ergo the take out lunches, it’s very difficult to determine how much to supply when the demand is so unpredictable. One solution would be to just order a whole bunch of everything all the time, but that would eat up too much precious storage space. So I guess my grocery philosophy is “if we got it, we got it. If we don’t, we’ll get it.” So be patient with me, tell me what you need, and the Whipples will follow.

Thanks, Rob

Um, Rob, that’s kind of embarrassing and might should go in your diary. I wondered where you were last weekend, and those burn marks make sense now. Rob, don’t go away again. Just stay behind the counter.

Donna probably has more common sense—to go with her rhubarb. And here is her

Farm Report

From Little Donna Elwell

RHUBARB PUNCH is a thirst quencher!

I quart water
½ quart, cut up rhubarb
1 cup sugar
1 quart cold water
Juice of 1 lemon
Juice of 1 orange
1 cup ginger ale
Ice cubes
Boil together 1 quart water, rhubarb, and sugar – about 5 minutes –
’til done. Let cool. When cold, strain into a 2 quart pitcher. Add
remaining ingredients. Cut squeezed out lemon halves into spirals and
let float in the juice. Chill. Just before serving add about 1 cup
ginger ale and ice cubes.

–Thanks to Mary M. Zak, Turners Falls


FRIDAY, 5/20/08
BABY CARROTS and RHUBARB from Spring Water Gardens

PLANTS from Spring Water Gardens

Bee Balm


Coming up!

  • Art Opening on Sunday, June 8th with works by both Gayle Kabaker and Peter Kitchell! 3 – 5pm

And of course there is

  • Elmer’s Real, Live Cajun Festival!
  • Friday night, June 20th from 5 – 9 pm

In place of our regular Friday night dinner We’re blocking off the street at Norton Hill and Main once again for Cajun Dancing with Yankee Chank. And we’ll provide Cajun and Zydeco Dance instruction!

I know that many of you are not dancers of any sort, much less of a sort you’ve never even seen, but the music just can’t be beat and you can stand around and tap your feet and watch if you don’t feel like dancing.

Yankee Chank is a band that lives in Vermont, but they go down to Lafayette and play with the old guys there as often as possible. They’re good and you’ll never know the difference between them and some ole boys from Southwest Louisiana!

And the food!

  • Gus McIlhenny
  • Of the McIlhenny family that makes Tabasco Sauce (from Avery Island, Louisiana)
  • Is coming to Elmer’s to make
  • Cajun Turkey Po’ boys
  • And Jambalaya
  • the real Louisiana way!
  • ($)

So that’s what I’m all whooped up about! The thing I’m most excited about is that this ain’t just pretend food—we got Gus McIlhenny his own self cooking up the kind of food he’s been making since before he was born! And he’s such a nice guy! I’ve known Gus for . . . about . . . how long, Gus? Since about 1985? Just the nicest guy you’d ever want to meet and boy, can he COOK!

Okay See you!

Big E

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  1. Hi there,

    I’m from Minnesota and found your website while searching for a recipe for Rhubarb Punch that originated in Vermont. Apparently it was served at a church picnic…that’s all I know. Could you tell me where this rhubarb punch recipe comes from?

    Cheryl K.

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