Are Children Too Clean?

Are Children Too Clean?
The Scotsman

[April 29, 2008] There was a time, in the days before anti-bacterial wipes, sprays and ointments, when children and nature were at one, not separated by the substantial layers of cotton wool that parents are so often accused of swaddling them in today.

This was a golden age when children could pick up unidentified objects in the street and shove them in their mouths largely unnoticed; when bathing involved the occasional scrub behind the ears whenever you were too slow to wriggle free of your mother’s grip; and where snotty-nosed urchins mixed freely, coated in a paste of outside dirt and body fluids (not all their own).

Today, anyone would think that children are supposed to be clean. Terrified yummy mummies and faddy daddies spend their days wiping down their pristine infants with chemicals and keeping them indoors lest they are seen as bad parents for allowing their children to come in contact with a germ-ridden world. Well, such harassed parents may now be able to put down the wetwipes with a sigh of relief as two separate studies reveal that grimy youngsters might not be such a bad thing.

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  1. This is good news! My kids hate bath-time. :-)

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