Kelly Ripa Said Magic Marker!

Notes from Nan: Cajuns, Food, Poker and Rob’s New Girlfriend
BY HF Contributing Writer, Nan Parati


I think someone’s trying to call me at Elmer’s on the fax line. It keeps ringing and they keep hanging up. Try 628-4003.

Oy vey! Or, as they say in Blondie, “Sheesh!”

Owning a restaurant is like trying to keep a herd of squirrels in a box—without a lid. And getting them to play piano duets in there together.

We’re trying to establish Lunch-to-Go but it’s unfortunately been inconsistent. We’re never completely certain how much to make on a given day—some days it all sells out even before lunchtime, other days no one wants lunch at all, and, for the third half of the days, we don’t make it for one reason or other. We are trying, however, so please don’t give up on us. You can call the Elmer’s Lunch Line at 628-4003 any day to find out what we have (or had) that day.

And speaking of lunch, we now have outdoor tables! Right outside! In front! Of course there’s no lake to look at, and this week there’s no weather warm enough to warrant sitting outside, but I understand that it does warm up in New England at some point between the hours of April and August, so, if you catch one of those warm days, come on over and eat in the sunshine!

If you’re looking for something really, really good and really good for you, try Susanne’s Trail Mix Scones. They’re kind of new, we don’t have them every day (because they sell out quickly) but they’re good and crunchy and full of good stuff for you that tastes good!

Friday Nights Menu (05/23):

For dinner this week (not to be confused with the Cajun Festival on June 20th) we have Chef Jim back in the kitchen with

  • Grilled Ahi Tuna Steaks in his sauce of cucumbers, roasted peppers, tomatoes, mint and red wine garlic vinaigrette
  • with a Field Greens Salad. (Jim always just says “Field Greens Salad” because he likes to see what the spirit is going to inspire him to create in a salad for that night as he gets closer to it. He doesn’t like to commit too early in case he’s struck by inspiration or lightning on Friday night.)
  • For Vegetarians who don’t eat fish we will be serving Tofu marinated in the same good sauce.

Hey! It’s time for Rob Talk! That’s my favorite time of week! (I really don’t read them until I put them in here. It’s kind of something I look forward to.)

Rob’s Grocery Talk with Rob

Kelly Ripa Said Magic Marker!

And I feel vindicated! Righteous even!

O.K. a little back story may be in order. About three years ago I was working at Caribou Coffee in Minnetonka alongside some of our country’s brightest, richest, and most beautiful youth. One day I needed to make a sign for a display of sale items in the lobby, but I couldn’t find the correct writing implement. After digging through all the drawers behind the counter, I said out loud “anybody seen the Magic Marker?”

“The what?”

“The Magic Marker!”

Turns out none of them had heard of a “Magic Marker”. Oh, they knew what a marker was, but apparently I was some kind of weirdo for calling it magic. I felt like an outcast; an old man from a different world with different words for things. The cool kids were now onto me and I hung my un-hip head in un-hip shame.

Later that day at my other job, I decided to conduct an informal poll amongst my older coworkers. I would walk up to them, show them a marker and ask “what do you call this?” To my utter dismay, only one of them called it a Magic Marker. In fact, I was roundly scoffed…SCOFFED! As in “Hey everyone, Rob thinks markers are magic! Oooooo…mmmagic!”

Well, let me tell you something, smarty pants people. Today I was watching Live With Regis And Kelly and they were talking to that one guy who played Josh on The West Wing and Josh was talking about seeing Regis sound asleep on an airplane once and Kelly said something about drawing a mustache on Regis using a Magic Marker.

Got that? The very beautiful, blonde, extremely funny and very smart Kelly Ripa calls it a Magic Marker! Whaddya think of me now? Huh? Huh?

Grocery Talk

Boy, things are heating up in the grocery department. Stuff is just a-flyin’ off the shelves!

Due to an increase in demand for Vermont Sausage, I ordered some more and also some of their pepperoni. You’ll find both items on the Super Deluxe New Stuff Table.

Thanks to all of you who have been slipping me little notes telling me what to order for you. That makes my job so much easier. Next week, I’ll let you know about new and exiting products coming to Elmer’s Store! Just as soon as I order them.

And now, I would like to introduce you to my new girlfriend Kelly Ripa!

I’d love to stay and chat, but we’re off having adventures together.

Kelly looks way better in that picture than she does on TV. She must have gotten all duded up for her date with Rob. I wonder what they are doing? Whatever it is, I’ll bet Magic Markers are involved.

Coming up!

Art Opening on Sunday, June 8th with works by both Gayle Kabaker and Peter Kitchell! 3 – 5pm

And of course there is

  • Elmer’s
  • Real, Live
  • Cajun Festival!
  • Friday night, June 20th from 5 – 9 pm
  • In place of our regular Friday night dinner
  • We’re blocking off the street at Norton Hill and Main once again for
  • Cajun Dancing with
  • Yankee Chank
  • And we’ll provide Cajun and Zydeco Dance instruction!

I know that many of you are not dancers of any sort, much less of a sort you’ve never even seen, but the music just can’t be beat and you can stand around and tap your feet and watch if you don’t feel like dancing.

Yankee Chank is a band that lives in Vermont, but they go down to Lafayette and play with the old guys there as often as possible. They’re good and you’ll never know the difference between them and some ole boys from Southwest Louisiana!

And the food!

  • Gus McIlhenny
  • Of the McIlhenny family that makes Tabasco Sauce (from Avery Island, Louisiana)
  • Is coming to Elmer’s to make
  • Cajun Turkey Po’ boys
  • And Jambalaya
  • the real Louisiana way! ($)

So that’s what I’m all whooped up about! The thing I’m most excited about is that this ain’t just pretend food—we got Gus McIlhenny his own self cooking up the kind of food he’s been making since before he was born! And he’s such a nice guy! I’ve known Gus for . . . about . . . how long, Gus? Since about 1985? Just the nicest guy you’d ever want to meet and boy, can he COOK!

Community Service Notice:

If you’re a poker playing kind of guy (or girl!) they have a game every Friday night (just about) over on South Street. E-mail Mr. Maloof at Mizzentop.Poker for more details. I myself would only embarrass myself if I tried to join in, but you might be good at it! It sounds like they have a real good time every week.

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