HFVS Weekly Music Giveaway: Harmonica Pocket

Harmonica Pocket: Ladybug One


SOLAR POWERED & WORLDLY! I love the ecological awareness behind both the production of Ladybug One and the lyrics of the songs. This truly “green” recording was produced off the grid at their solar-powered studios on Marrowstone Island, Washington. That impressed me. What impresses Persephone is their songs about bugs, including fireflies, bumblebees, spiders and ladybugs. But it’s not just that the songs are about insects and spiders that makes it the most appealing, it’s their creative exploration of each song that leaves me wanting more. Their songs are truly unique, blending world-music with Americana, and quirky fun with serious issues. The blend of acoustic instruments played on Ladybug One gives the album a rich tapestry of unique sounds, including the didgeridoo, mbira, ukelele, harmonica, jaw harp, music saw, Japanese gong, sitar, tabla and even a hula hoop! The educational opportunities (cultural, ecology, science) a parent could take with this album are multifold! Ladybug One is a new favorite of mine! Visit them on-line at www.harmonicapocket.com and sample a few of their tunes.


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on winning last weeks contest. They will receive Randy Kaplan’s new family album Loquat Rooftop and a HFVS T-Shirt Review T-Shirt (limited edition) .

4 Comments on “HFVS Weekly Music Giveaway: Harmonica Pocket

  1. Off the grid is a bonus. We like what we heard on your latest podcast. Count us in too.

    Gareth Tifflin (father of 3 girls under 7!!!)
    Baltimore, MD

  2. this one sounds cool!
    off the grid musicians….pretty cool!
    thanks sienna, -t

  3. I’m psyched to hear they made this cd “off the grid”, maybe others will follow suit! A cd about spiders and ladybugs! What kid wouldn’t love that?! Please put my name in for the contest. Thanks! Maryellen Rousseau, Easthampton, MA

  4. This smacks of world instruments 101. Good cheers to the band for their off-grid production. Count us in to win this CD.

    Sam Kluger (father of Perry)
    Boston, MA

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