50’s in New Orleans vs. 50’s in Ashfield

Notes from Nan: Weather’s Good, We’re All Out to Lunch
BY HF Contributing Writer, Nan Parati

I want you to know that for two days last week, the weather in Ashfield was warmer than was the weather in New Orleans! High Fives all around, you actually did it! I was freakin’ freezing down here (the fifties in New Orleans are much colder than are the fifties in Ashfield—it’s a wet, damp, through-your-bones cold we got down here) and you were in the sixties and seventies up there! The whole world has gone crazy!

I would love to stay around and write a long tale of something or other, but I am WAY behind on my Jazz Fest work and we have four and a half days until we open on Friday. So I will let everyone else be interesting, and I will go back to writing signs.

Here’s something I know!

I need a new waitress (or waiter!—wouldn’t it be fun to have a waiter?) I would really like someone with serving experience to start by May 10th. We mostly need morning servers; I’m not sure of the exact schedule, but if you‘re interested, please come by and pick up an application—Maribeth Ritchie can call you back with the details.

Friday Menu (04/25/08):

Here’s what we’re having for dinner this week:

  • Grilled pork kebabs with sweet & sour sauce, basmati rice and fresh snap peas
  • Spring greens salad with orange-fennel dressing
  • Vegetarians may substitute classic tofu kebabs with sweet & sour sauce

Now let’s see what Rob has to say:

Rob’s Grocery Talk with Rob


Note: regular grocery talk will resume next week because it’s so nice out and I just got to be outside. I think you all understand.

Dear readers,

Imagine standing in the batter’s box, staring at the pitcher. You’re in your stance, trying to guess what the next pitch will be. You figure maybe that nasty slider that sent you back to the dugout angry and embarrassed after your last at-bat. Yeah, look for the slider.

The pitcher goes into his wind up. You look for a clue, any clue at all, but he’s not showing you a thing. You’re going to have to figure it out in the zero-point-four seconds the ball is in the air. Here comes the delivery.

And it’s the biggest, fattest, fastball you’ve ever seen and you don’t even want to call it a fastball because it’s more like a what-the-heck-was-he-thinkingball and it’s headed right…for…your…wheelhouse. At this point, you realize just how much thinking you can actually do in zero-point-four seconds because your mind starts racing. First of all, you know you’re going to hit the dang thing out of the park. That’s a given. But you need to decide just which parking lot you’re going to aim for. Let’s see: The Duck lot is nice; that’s where dad always parked when you were a kid. The Camel lot has a nice ring to it but maybe that would be pretentious. How about the Cow lot? Yeah, the Cow lot! Let’s see…that would be out yonder slightly left of center field. Next, you have to plan the jog around the base paths. Do you play it cool or pump your fist and scream? Oh! Here’s the ball, time to swing.

Okay, back to reality here. I never even played baseball or any other sport that involved spherical objects in motion (unless mandated by curriculum). I wrote the above because it’s analogous to my reaction upon learning the possibility exists that people could actually be offended by…Mr. Whipple.

You see, if you throw that at me, it’s almost too much fun. Honestly, I had to choose from several responses that were quickly writing themselves in my head. I liked every one, and really wanted to publish them all, but in the end I chose Dreadfully Politically Correct Mea Culpa because it matched the farcical nature of the Original Concern. I hope you liked it.

So, due to popular demand, and because he’s my man, I give you…

Ladies, please don’t squeeze the El Jardin!

And get me a beer, too!

Oh my God, we’re all out to lunch!

Okay, let’s see what we have for a Farm Report!

The Farm Report



From the Joy of Cooking
by Irma S. Rombauer,
Marion Rombacher Becker,
and Ethan Becker

Melt in a soup pot over medium heat:
4 tablespoons ( ½ stick) butter
Add and cook, stirring , until tender but not browned:
1 ½ cups minced celery
1 cup coarsely chopped onions
Stir in:
1 ½ pounds cauliflower, trimmed and coarsely chopped
Cover and cook 5 minutes, stirring occasionally. Stir in:
¼ cup all-purpose flour
Turn the heat to high. Slowly stir in and bring to a boil:
4 cups stock (I used water)
Reduce heat to medium low and simmer, partially covered,
until the cauliflower is very tender, about 25 minutes, stirring
occasionally. Using food processor or a blender, process
until smooth. Return the soup to the pot and stir in:
½ to 1 cup milk, half and half, or heavy cream
Heat through, but do not boil. Add:
A pinch of grated or ground nutmeg
Salt and pepper
Served garnished with:
Grated cheese such as Cheddar or Swiss


BABY CARROTS from Spring Water Gardens were delivered FRIDAY, 4/18/08
JERUSALEM ARTICHOKES from Spring Water Gardens were delivered MONDAY, 4/14/08

APPLES from Scott’s Orchard were delivered FRIDAY, 4/11/08:
PUMPKINS from Scott’s Orchard are ON SALE : ½ PRICE

FRENCH SHALLOTS from Ashfield gardener:

POTATOES from Manda Farm in Plainfield :
Fingerling potatoes (in the cooler on the bottom shelf)

Organic (Ecuador) Bananas
Organic (CA) Herb: Basil
Organic (CA) Mesclun
Organic (CA) Peas: Snow
Organic (CA) Radishes
Organic (CA) Spinach: Baby
Organic (VT) Tomatoes

Organic Lemons are on back order

Organic (FL) Green Beans
Organic (CA) Red Beets
Organic (CA) Bok Choy
Organic (VT) Carrots
Organic (CA) Cauliflower
Organic (CA) Celery
Organic (Argentina) Garlic
Organic (HI) Ginger Root
Organic (CA) Mushrooms: Crimini
Organic (CA) Onions: Yellow
Organic (CA) Peppers: Green
Organic (CA) Parsnips
Organic (CA) Potatoes: Red in bags or by the pound
Organic (Canada) Potatoes: Yukon in bags or by the pound
Conventional Cilantro
Conventional Peas: Snap
Conventional Parsley: Italian
Conventional Limes

To make specific produce requests, email me at


At least Donna’s getting something done! And at least I know what Cauliflower Soup is!

Oh my gosh, it’s 9:00 and tomorrow’s coming.

There is so very much to do between now and Friday! No time for any sort of camp this week! I know you’re having great fun up there now that the weather is so nice, but once in your life you should come down for Jazz Fest. It’s pretty fabulous!

Big E

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  1. the cauliflour soup sounds pretty good, thanks… *writes recipe down*

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