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Hilltown Family Variety Show
WXOJ LP – 103.3 FM – Valley Free Radio
Northampton, MA
Tuesday evening @ 7pm

April 22nd, 2008

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  • Frances England – “Up a Tree” [Family Tree]
  • David Weinstone – “Big Old Tree” [Taxi]
  • The BummKinn Band – “I Wanna Be a Tree” [Rockin’ the Yee Haw]
  • Harmonica Pocket – “One Tree Said” [Ladybug One]
  • The Hollow Tree – “Ted the Talking Tree” [Welcome to Nelsonville]
  • They Might Be Giants – “The House at the Top of the Tree” [No!]
  • Dog on Fleas – “Trees” [When I Get Little]
  • Kevin Kammerad – “White Pine: State Tree of Michigan” [A Curious Glimpse of Michigan]
  • Farmer Jason – “The Old Oak Tree” [Rocking in the Forest]


Arbor Day in Massachusetts is celebrated on the last Friday of the month. HotChalk has lesson plans for Arbor Day, and the Arbor Day Foundation offers a multitude of resources, including educational resources, tree guides, a poster contest, and more!


Frances EnglandFamily Tree

CROSS-OVER APPEAL! Frances England never intended to be an award-winning indie-pop star with an international listening audience, but her dharma has snuck up and bit her on the tushie! She has just released her second CD, Family Tree, following her debut award-winning (2007 Oppenheim Platinum Music Award and Fids & Kamily Awards) CD, Fascinating Creatures. Fascinating Creatures was created as a fund-raising album for her son’s preschool, intended to be heard only by local neighbors and families. But when you’ve got a gift that shines so bright, it doesn’t matter what your intentions are (nor how shy you might be ) – a girl’s gotta shine. Her new CD has fast become one of our favorites; issued a “Repeat-Button Award” by our five year old backseat reviewer.

The BummKinn BandRockin’ the YeeHaw

COWBOYS & WESTERN WEAR! Maybe you first heard about The Bummkinn Band here on Hilltown Families when HF Contributing Writer Bill Child’s wrote about their performance at Kidzapalooza. Finally all those unreleased songs they performed at Kidzapalooza in Austin, TX, have been released on their new album, Rockin’ the YeeHaw. Blending the sounds of rock-a billy, southern rock and the traditional country influences of Hank Williams ad Loretta Lynn, this is the kind of album I wish was around when I was growing up in Texas. With songs like “You Broke My Heart on the Swingset” and “I Dropped My Ice Cream on the Ground,” The Bummkinn Band has put together a collection of unique country songs for kids. It’s sure to get you two-steppin’.

Harmonica PocketLadybug One

SOLAR POWERED & WORLDLY! I love the ecological awareness behind both the production of Ladybug One and the lyrics of the songs. This truly “green” recording was produced off the grid at their solar-powered studios on Marrowstone Island, Washington. That impressed me. What impresses my daughter is their songs about bugs, including fireflies, bumblebees, spiders and ladybugs. But it’s not just that the songs are about insects and spiders that makes it the most appealing, it’s their creative exploration of each song that leaves me wanting more. Their songs are truly unique, blending world-music with Americana, and quirky fun with serious issues. The blend of acoustic instruments played on Ladybug One gives the album a rich tapestry of unique sounds, including the didgeridoo, mbira, ukelele, harmonica, jaw harp, music saw, japanese gong, sitar, tabla and even a hula hoop! The educational opportunities (cultural, ecology, science) a parent could take with this album are multifold! Ladybug One is a new favorite of mine!

The Hollow TreesWelcome to Nelsonville

FOLK MUSIC FOR FAMILIES! Upbeat acoustic Americana music inspired by bluegrass, country, and folk music from days gone by. The Hollow Trees perform versions of many well known and obscure old classics, as well as originals music which help explain some of The Hollow Trees’ mythology. If you love bluegrass you’ll like Welcome to Nelsonville. Click here to discover how you can win this new CD on Hilltown Families.

Photo Credit: (ccl) Mathieu Struck

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  1. hi

    cannot wait to listen to this episode in the am…..trees, our fav topic (other than birds, the moon and roadtrips)….i’ll be sure to post some of our favorite tree books also when i wake up!!

    hope you are well sienna, much love t and z

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