Web Review: Earth Guide

Earth Guide

This interactive site for children answers questions in eight areas related to the earth: the earth in the Milky Way, how the earth is different from other planets, the difference between the sky and space, sunlight, the water and carbon cycles, substances on earth, types of land areas, and the size of oceans. In English and Japanese. From the Japan Science and Technology Agency. (c. LII)

Offered in both English and Japanese and best viewed with broadband internet service. The site takes an interactive journey to explore the following eight questions:

  1. Where is the Earth located in the Milky Way galaxy?
  2. How is the Earth different from other planets?
  3. Where does the sky become space?
  4. Where does the sunlight that hits the Earth go?
  5. How do water and carbon circulate?
  6. What type of substances is the Earth made of?
  7. What kind of land areas exist on the face of the Earth?
  8. How big are the oceans of the world?

URL: jvsc.jst.go.jp/earth/guide/english

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