Rainsticks: History & How To

Rainsticks: History & How To

April showers don’t have to be wet and muddy....make your own showers this spring by learning how to make a rainstick with your kids! (Photo credit: Sienna Wildfield)

Last Monday  (Apr 2008) we began the spring session of the Hilltown Families Outdoor Adventure Program by making rainsticks. To follow-up with our activity, I’ve posted a series of instructional videos parents might find useful in preparing to make rainsticks with their children:


Now let’s join Jenny in her instruction videos on making rainsticks:

What is a rainstick?:

Supplies for making a rainstick:

Tips for using sound filters in rainsticks:

How to use chicken wire as a sound filter (we used chicken wire for last week’s project):

How to fill a tube for a rainstick:

How to seal the ends:

How to decorate your rainstick:

There are a number of suitable ways to decorate your rainstick. During our Outdoor Adventure program we took a hot glue gun and adhered things we found out in nature to our tube (pine cones, pine needles, acorn tops, sticks, bark, moss, etc.), along with colored sand, feathers, markers and stickers.

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  1. This is great! Thanks for sharing- I have posted it to our blog with credits to yours:-) Lovely!


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    I love this wondeful forum you have created and savor the local news.



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