Eco-Friendly Fundraisers

Recycling Program to Raise Funds

For-profit company EcoPhones is one of several companies that offer community groups and non-profits the opportunity to raise funds for their organization or group by collecting small electronics items to be recycled, including:

  • cell phones
  • DVD movies
  • video games
  • portable DVD players
  • laptop/notebook computers
  • MP3 players
  • video game consoles
  • digital cameras
  • digital picture frames
  • portable navigation and GPS devices

Click here to read the article Cell phone recycling for cash a win-win, or is it? on about these types of eco-friendly fundraisers being offered to such groups.

Local Fundraising Efforts

The Gateway Regional High School (Huntington, MA) Cheerleaders are raising money to help send the team to summer cheerleading camp and will be participating in the EcoPhones fundraising program by collecting the above mentioned items. There is a collection bin in the main entrance foyer of the Gateway Middle/High School complex to deposit donations. Collection will run through the end of the school year.

For more information email Karen Smith at, read the flyer, or go to the EcoPhones Website.

Other Eco-Friendly Fundraising Ideas

Recycling old cell phones and such isn’t the only way to have an “eco-friendly fundraiser.” Click here to read the article Finding Green Fundraisers on to discover other ideas and programs.

2 Comments on “Eco-Friendly Fundraisers

  1. Our company, EcoLabel Fundraising LLC, offers a low-maintenance way to raise funds for your organization. Your supporters purchase fair-trade, eco-friendly and/or organic products through our secure site, and we ship them right to their door!

    You may utilize our program as your primary or supplemental program. You’ll enjoy the up-to-date fund-raising reports we are adding to our new website on November 1, 2008.

    Sign up is easy and 100% free, of course!

  2. My coworkers are collecting yogurt containers for their Relay for Life team. It’s a program through Terracycle. Terracycle also has other fundraising programs – collecting energy bar wrappers and drink pouches, for example.

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