Servin’ Up Velveeta Cheese on Wonder Bread at the Red Rooster

Notes from Nan: From Nan, but not Rob or Donna…
BY HF Contributing Writer, Nan Parati

Hey Ho we’re all down South! I’m in New Orleans and the chefs are apparently somewhere between South Carolina and Louisiana in their minds, as here is what they are preparing for dinner this Friday:

  • Fried Chicken
  • Collard Greens
  • Macaroni and Cheese
  • Biscuits

And I don’t know yet what Susanne’s making for dessert, but I know she used to live in Atlanta, so I’ll bet it’s gonna be really, really good and southern!

Now don’t that sound good??? We are continuing our Get Warm at Elmer’s weeks, as the tropical decorations are still up and the food conjures thoughts of warm summer evenings and soft breezes. We refuse to take the decorations down until warm summer nights and soft breezes actually waft in through Ashfield! Hell No, the Décor won’t go! Not until we get some warmth outside and no snow out there, neither!

Last year at this time I stopped in Cowpens, South Carolina on my way to New Orleans and had breakfast at the Stompin’ Ground Café, formerly the Cowpens Truck Stop.

Well, I tried to stop in there again this year on the way down, but it seems they have had to close their doors. There is a gigantic “Mr Waffle” truck stop right next door to them now, but, according to the people at the peach stand next door, that ain’t the reason they closed. It had to do with their plumbing problems, which, last year, they barely had plumbing at all and I recall wondering if they had a working health department in Cowpens, South Carolina. Apparently they do, for the Stompin’ Grounds is closed and I was referred by the lady at the peach stand next door to go to the Red Rooster, across the highway and down about half a mile on the left. It’s owned, she said, by some people from her church and they are just real, real nice, so I went off across the highway and down the road about half a mile to the Red Rooster.

At the Red Rooster, they use naught but paper plates and plastic forks, Velveeta Cheese and Wonder Bread. And every-body smokes cigarette after cigarette. I had a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich dressed with lots of cigarette smoke, so I didn’t stay very long and therefore, don’t have a story to tell about it beyond that. I believe that is the number one thing I do not like about the south—everyone, every where smokes. Even at gas stations right beside the pumps right under the big signs that say, “NO SMOKING!”

But it is warm and sunny and that’s all I’m going to say about that!

Now, unfortunately, neither Rob nor Donna Elwell got their reports to me in time. They are probably laying around their respective houses over-stuffed with jelly beans and chocolate bunnies and plumb forgot about it. I know you’ll be able to get Donna’s farm report on line at, but I’m not sure about Grocery Talk with Rob. I’m sure they will both return to the newsletter next week.

This may be the shortest newsletter we’ve seen yet. Enjoy that very fact and come enjoy some good southern cooking on Friday night!

Big E

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