All Dressed Up and Somewhere Royally Fun to Go!

Royally Rockin’ Good Time!

Photo credit: Sienna Wildfield

Princess Katie & Racer Steve were a blast on Saturday during their afternoon costume performance at Lyman Hall in Northampton, MA. We had a terrific turn-out despite the rain, and Princess Katie had the kids rockin’ out and doing the tango, with the parents laughing and joining in. Big thanks to everyone who came out (and for dressing-up!). Click here to see photos.

P. Katie is a royal card, playing up the roll as a princess in caricature! The few weeks leading up to their performance she wrote several entries for Hilltown Families. Click here to read her entries. Hopefully she’ll continue to send us her updates from her Kingdom in NY.

Photo credit: Sienna Wildfield

The most memorable moment of the performance for me (albeit embarrassing) was having her sing Happy Birthday to me (and Liam of Spare the Rock fame). I kept shouting to my daughter (dressed in character as a cheetah), “Look honey, Princess Katie is singing Mommy Happy Birthday!” I felt like a little kid! It was great. But Persephone was too busy crawling around on the floor picking up confetti and streamers to be bothered. — I turned the big four-zero on Sunday (Liam turned six a few days earlier) and having the witty Princess Katie sing Happy Birthday was a memorable present. Thanks Katie!

Below is a low-fi video I took during the performance of their funky song, “Hey Claire!” off of their new CD Fast & Feisty. Click here if you didn’t get a chance to pick up a copy at the concert or couldn’t make it out. And be sure to check out their fun and interactive website at BTW, our next music promo for the Hilltown Family Variety Show will be to win their Songs for the Coolest Kids CD along with the t-shirts they submitted to the HFVS T-Shirt Review. So be sure to check back!

One Comment on “All Dressed Up and Somewhere Royally Fun to Go!

  1. Queen Mum Sienna and Princess “Cheetah” Persephone:

    We thank thee ever so kindly for having us up there and making the show so much fun. We really loved the unstoppable energy of the kids and adults who brought the kids out in that downpour!

    Who says rainy days aren’t fun? Pahleeze!

    I guess I should’ve warned you beforehand that I was going to be serenading you with Happy Birthday in front of over a hundred people, huh? My assumption that everyone loves things “over the top” has got to stop!

    With my deepest curtsey,

    Princess Katie, Racer Steve, Judo Champ Billy & Crash

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