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Children & Nature Network Publishes Two New Resources

As part of our ongoing efforts to build the movement, the Children & Nature Network has published two new resources for leaders, organizers, and participants at the local, national, and international levels:

  1. Children and Nature 2008: A Report on the Movement to Reconnect Children to the Natural World
  2. C&NN Community Action Guide: Building the Children & Nature Movement from the Ground Up

Children and Nature 2008 was developed to serve as a tool for those who care deeply about the importance of reconnecting children with nature. The report begins with a concise history of the children and nature movement and then makes the case for the many positive benefits to children when outdoor play is part of their everyday lives. Subsequent sections look at the direction of the movement and the barriers to it; the motivating interests and values of different categories of parents; ideas for the future of the movement; and the progress of the movement around the globe.

C&NN Community Action Guide is a hands-on tool for organizers in the field. It describes in detail an action-oriented process for designing and implementing initiatives to reconnect children and nature. Written especially for regional leaders, the guide covers each step toward success. The first section provides a road map for engaging a community. The next section shows organizers how to create a viable strategic plan. The final section covers the process of implementation. A sample timeline for groups to follow and information on working together and achieving consensus are also included.

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