Another ROCKIN’ Kids Concert in Northampton: Princess Katie & Racer Steve!

Hilltown Families & Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child Present …


Saturday, March 8th @ 1:30pm in Northampton

Princess Katie & Racer Steve, will make a triumphant return to Northampton with a rock concert for kids and their parental units at 1:30 p.m. on Saturday, March 8 in Lyman Hall at First Churches of Northampton, 129 Main Street, Northampton, MA, co-presented by the Valley Free Radio programs, Hilltown Family Variety Show ( and Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child (click here to read about their performance last spring). Costumes for the kids are welcome, but optional.

Don’t let the name fool you, this Manhattan-based musical duo (and married couple) stirs up some seriously rockin’ music, ranging from alt-pop to country to reggae, all with a positive message.Publishers Weekly

Kids are encouraged to join Princess Katie, Racer Steve, Judo Champ Billy, and Crash in rocking out to “music with a message that hasn’t lost its cool.” The high-energy show will feature tunes from Princess Katie & Racer Steve’s critically acclaimed 2007 album, Songs for the Coolest Kids, as well as “sneak previews” of songs from their soon-to-be-released CD, Fast & Feisty, offering contemporary takes on popular music sounds ranging from jazz and swing to neo-Latin and electric rock ‘n’ roll to rap, West Indian, folk, country, and 12-bar blues. Princess Katie & Racer Steve use cool music, hip lyrics and zany skits to bring home messages about cultural acceptance, winning, losing, sharing, bullying, making friends, kindness, fairness, sibling appreciation, world peace, and just plain having fun being a kid.

Spontaneity and surprise are key to Princess Katie & Racer Steve’s shows. You never know what they’ll dream up. Princess Katie (aka Katie O’Sullivan) says, “I just can’t seem to do a show unless it’s spectacular for the kids!” She’s sure to bring her giant prize wheel and spin it to choose songs or activities like “Conga” or “Freeze Dance.” Princess Katie & Racer Steve might throw out inflatable soccer balls or surprise the kids with a confetti or Mylar steamer launch. Sometimes they’ll hand out mini racing flags so kids can wave them every time they hear, “Go, Go, Go” in a song about Racer Steve’s car racing. They’ll wear “funky hats” and sunglasses for their “Hey Claire” funk song, and for “Sneakers,” Katie has GIANT sneakers to wear under her princess dress.

Alternative rock-loving parents will dig how much Katie sounds like Natalie Merchant (only much more chipper), and the high-spirited high jinks of Racer Steve will keep their tots in stitches.FamilyFun magazine

Says Racer Steve (aka Steve Borne), “We’re really working toward entertaining kids on every level, not only through the music, but also by making them laugh. Behind everything we create, there’s an element of humor, and we’re so happy to see that the kids, get it and laugh along with us.”

Check out From the Palace: Day in the Life of a Medieval Princess, Princess Katie’s commentary as a contributing writer for Hilltown Families on life in the medieval ages. She’s pretty darn funny and worth the read! She’ll tickle your royal funny bone!

WHAT: Princess Katie & Racer Steve in Concert
WHERE: Lyman Hall, First Churches of Northampton, 129 Main St, Northampton.
WHEN: Saturday, March 8. 1:30 P.M.
TICKETS: $5. Infants free.
INFO: 413-387-7267

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