The Streets of Ashfield Cheer for Change – Sacajawea Dollar Coins to be Exact (Change)

Notes from Nan: And the Crowd Leaps to its Feet!
BY HF Contributing Writer, Nan Parati

Thank you! Thank you! You have no idea how wonderful it is to be here tonight, standing on MAIN STREET! (pause for cheer.) You know, my campaign for president gained a mountain of momentum this morning, when a customer came in and paid me with TWO SACAJAWEA DOLLAR COINS! (pause for huge cheer.) If that’s not a mandate for change, I don’t know what is! (pause for wild cheering. Wait for it to calm to quiet.)

You know, we carried Bronson Avenue, we carried Bug Hill, we’ve even carried Baptist Corner Road. (polite and patient pauses throughout while crowd applauds their street.) But to stand here tonight at the corner of Main Street and Buckland Road, knowing that you’ve heard my message for change and you support it, is just the push we need to WIN! (Hold up arms to symbolically embrace people leaping to their feet.)

Thank you, thank you! Now, on to STEADY LANE!


I was just reading about the benefits of eating BEETS! They are particularly beneficial when we eat them raw.

  1. They contain folate and betaine which help lower the amount of homocystine in our blood stream. This is good because homocyseine is an inflammatory compound that can damage our arteries and increase our risk of heart disease.
  2. The natural pigments in beets – betacyanins –“ have proved to be potent cancer fighters in laboratory mice.”
    This information is from the following webiste:

The other 9 best foods are cabbage, guave, swiss chard, cinnamon, purslane, pomengranate juice, goji berries, dried plums, and pumpkin seeds.

Although local carrots are no longer available, we are getting organic carrots in on Tuesday, 1/29. also BANANAS, BEETS, KALE, LEMONS, MESCLUN, PARSLEY, GREEN PEPPERS, AND TOMATOES!!!


broccoli, cilantro, garlic (organic), ginger root (organic), grapefruit and oranges (organic)


APPLES: Macoun, Macintosh, and Empire
SQUASHES: acorn, butternut, buttercup, red kuri, and pumpkin.
ONIONS: French shallots, red onions, garlic, long cayenne peppers.
POTATOES: Fingerling potatoes. Red, Yukon Gold


Hey! Let’s talk about Valentine’s Day!

Here’s what we got going for that:

Elmer’s Candy –We have candy—even candy from Elmer’s Candy! Elmer’s is a candy company out of New Orleans and we were able to get hearts of chocolate candy from Elmers! We also have tin hearts full of chocolates from Ghirardelli and other various sizes of valentine candy.

Flowers –We’re going to have flowers for the buying right here at Elmer’s, but if you’d like to order a special bouquet with just the flowers you want, or just the amount of money you’d like to spend, call us and we’ll make you a bouquet special!

Dinner –We’re throwing a special reservation-only Valentine’s Night Dinner (that would be Thursday, February 14th!). We’re serving:

  • Prime Rib
  • Salmon
  • Grilled Vegetable & Fresh Goat Cheese Napoleon on Pan-Seared Polenta with a Smoked Tomato Vinaigrette.
  • Susanne will be baking up some extraordinary desserts for after dinner.

Our first seating will be at 6pm. Call soon for reservations, as we only have a limited number of tables!


Okay I’m back.

Man, look at this place! What a mess. Who was in here while I was gone?

Nan, you say?

And Chip?

Well, that explains all the broken glass. Let’s talk while I get the broom and dustpan.

Campaign News

To all my supporters, It is with heavy heart that I must inform you that I am withdrawing from the presidential race. Recently, I have been made aware of a group of farm animals calling themselves “Swift Goats For Truth” who are about to launch a smear campaign accusing me of not being honest about my past. Specifically that one, youthful summer I spent working on a horse farm.

Rather than wasting precious time defending myself against their mostly false allegations, I have decided to cede the nomination to my worthy opponent, Nan Parati. Not only will this refocus the campaign on what’s truly important (change), it will also give me and my trophy wife more time to enjoy our Aspen condo while the skiing is still good. So let’s all wish Nan good luck, shall we?


I want to thank Lynne from Associated Buyers (our grocery supplier) for dropping by Elmer’s Store last week and bringing me samples of new products we might want to offer you. As per procedure, I have shipped these samples to Elmer Labs, our state of the art testing facility in Lawton, Oklahoma. As soon as these products are Elmer-Approved, I will alert you when they become available in our store.

I also want to thank everyone for their grocery requests. I get more every week and it really makes my job easier. Please be aware, however, that some items are out of stock for our supplier. Two recent examples would be PG Tips tea and Earth Balance spread. Please contact me ( if you have any concerns about an item you requested and I’ll let you know the status.

Week 7

I’ll explain this next week!

Still trying to think of a tagline,



(Pause for screaming, dancing, and sailors kissing girls in Times Square.)

Thank–. . . . Thank . . . . .Thank you! . . . . . . Thank you! Thank you! (Crowd finally quiets down.)

Thank you! I would like to thank my worthy opponent, Rob Ta—Taft? Is it Rob Taft? . . . . It is? Okay, thanks. I would like to thank my worthy opponent Rob Taft for his kind words and to ask him now, in front of all of you, if he, Rob, would you run as my vice president? We still have a long road to the White House ahead of us and, well, Bob—Rob (Taft? Like the president?) I just can’t think of a better running mate than you! (pause for cheering and the band striking up “Happy Days are Here Again.”) (Cue confetti.) (Rob’s answer is lost in the commotion.)


There are still tickets for the Eilen Jewell concert, Live at Ashfield’s Town Hall on Saturday, February 9th at 7:30pm. We’ll also be serving food that night at Town Hall (Food downstairs, concert upstairs.) Since it’s Mardi Gras (hey! Wear a costume if you got the desire!) we’ll be serving New Orleans food:

  • Our own Crawfish Pasta
  • Muffulettas (huge Italian sandwiches—vegetarian and non)
  • Shrimp Etouffee.

Dinner will be a separate price, but you gotta eat that night, so you might as well eat good!


Speaking of eating:

Here’s what we’re having for dinner this week:

  • Turkey Sausage and Goat Cheese Lasagna
  • With a Field Greens salad with Citrus vinaigrette
  • And Garlic bread

For the vegetarians we’ll have

  • Eggplant and goat cheese lasagna.
  • With a Field Greens salad with Citrus vinaigrette
  • And Garlic bread

I can’t get ahold of Mary right now, but I’m hoping I can talk her into making some of her dipping sauce for the garlic bread! We haven’t had that for a long time and wouldn’t it be good!


You know that we serve sit-down lunch every Saturday and Sunday from noon t- 2, just after breakfast. That menu changes every week and is always outstanding.

On weekdays we have lunch to go—usually soup, but sometimes sandwiches to go and salads.

This week we have:

  • Seafood with Roasted Red Pepper and Some Corn Bisque
  • Vegetarian Beet Soup
  • Grilled Chicken Caesar Bacon Wraps (!)


What’s going on in the side Café: (?)

We were artless for a little while in there because I was trying to paint it up—still in the warm colors, but perk it up a bit. As it happens, I just can’t whoop up the energy at the end of the day to get it primed and painted at night and then come back to waitress in the morning, so we went ahead and hung a new show after all. The place looks great even without a touch-up after you get some Mimi Pieropans up there!

So we have an un-advertised show going on right now: Mimi Pieropan watercolors from the late 80s and early 90s. If you’re feeling kind of like an old sheep this time of year, come on in and eat under the bright colors of Mimi’s paintings. They’re just beautiful!


And finally, don’t forget our:

Sunday Afternoon Interesting Talk Series

These are talks given by local people who know a lot about what they’re talking about. They are on the dates specified below, are free to anyone who would like to come and begin at 3pm on the dates listed below.

Sports Talk with Howard Bryant

On Sunday, February 10th (the Sunday after Super Bowl Sunday!)

Not only is Howard one of Ashfield’s most recent new residents, he’s also a senior sportswriter for the Washington Post, and appears regularly on the ESPN programs The Sports Reporters and Outside the Lines. He is a regular contributor to NPR on Saturday morning’s Weekend Edition with Scott Simon. His books are “Shut Out: A Story of Race and Baseball in Boston” and “Juicing the Game: Drugs, Power and the Fight for the Soul of Major League Baseball.” He doesn’t only know baseball, but all sports, and his talk will be the Sunday after he returns from covering the Super Bowl.

Then, get down to business with

Money Talk with John Perkins

Ashfield Resident John Perkins CFP® is a fee-only Certified Financial Planner (CFP) with Compass Planning Associates. He has been awarded the CFP® designation from the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards. He has also completed the Financial Planning Association Residency Program. John is active in the financial planning community, including the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA) and the Financial Planning Association (FPA).

Sunday Feb. 17th:

Knowing Your IRAs – pros & cons

This talk will discuss the different types of Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs), who is eligible, how much you can contribute, is this my best option, what type of investments should I use, tax deductibility and more.

March 9th:

Do you Know What & How Your Planner Charges

There are three main compensation models in financial planning, Fee-Only, fee-based and commission. If you are not familiar with exact differences between these, and you are interested in working with a financial planner or already are, it is in your best interest to know. We will discuss the three different models, the different share classes (A, B, C, etc.) that indicate how a planner may be receiving compensation from you and the expense ratio that all mutual funds have & how much the can differ widely.

March 30th:

Organizing and Simplifying All of Those Accounts

Many people have numerous accounts, including IRAs, 401ks, 403b and many other types of accounts at various providers. I am a big believer in simplifying and organizing accounts into the fewest places possible to achieve your goals, with the account services & features you need and with the fewest account statements as possible. We will discuss different providers, such as Fidelity, Vanguard, TIAA-CREF, Schwab, T. Rowe Price and online savings accounts. Life is too short to be digging through a handful of statements, mailings and emails each month from all those account providers.


That’s enough!

See you around and everywhere!

Big E

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