Steve Weeks Guest DJ Episode (01/29/08)


Molly & Willy Weeks. (c) Steve Weeks HILLTOWN FAMILY VARIETY SHOW

Steve Weeks Guest DJ Episode
with Steve, Willy & Molly Weeks

WXOJ LP – 103.3 FM – Valley Free Radio
Northampton, MA
Tuesday evening @ 7pm

01/29/08 PLAYLIST

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  • Peter Mayer – “Peppermint Wind” [Straw House Down]
  • Sweet Honey in the Rock – “Run Molly Run”[A Child’s Celebration of Folk Music]
  • Dave Carter and Tracey Grammer – “Hey Conductor” [Tanglewood Tree]
  • Steve Weeks – “Zed & Zoey” [Alphabet Songs Vol. III (Rabbit Run)]
  • Steve, Willy & Molly Weeks – “Miss Bunny Feet and Robot Mike” [Live]
  • They Might Be Giants – “Four of Two” [No!]
  • Great Big Sea – “Lukey” [Rant and Roar]
  • Dan Reeder – “Three Chords” [Dan Reeder]

Big thanks to Steve Weeks and his great kids, Molly & Willy, for being our guest DJs for this week’s episode of the Hilltown Family Variety Show, which includes a live performance of “Miss Bunny Feet and Robot Mike” by the Weeks family. Great job guys & gals!

We’re big fans of Steve Weeks! He’s a quality songwriter, fine musician and a great guy all around. Using every letter in the alphabet as his inspiration, he was able to craft three CD’s that are full of engaging stories, fine pickin’ and funny antics. His newest album Alphabet Songs Volume III (Rabbit Run) was one of our top choices for the Fids & Kamily Awards, which includes the songs “Up” and “Someday” (his song “Up!” won first place in Childrens category of the 2007 USA Songwriting Competition, and “Someday” has reached the number one spot on the XM Kids Top 13 Under 13!). Steve also composed and performed the HFVS jingle you hear at the opening of every show. Find out more about Steve at this web site:

Uncle Rock on Feb 2nd 2008 at Florence Civic Center


FEBRUARY 2nd @ 10:30amUncle Rock will be at the Florence Civic Center (next to the Lilly Library off of Route 9) in Florence, MA. Presented by Hilltown Families. Uncle Rock just released his third album, Uncle Rock U. Visit Uncle Rock on-line at Click here to print out a poster and help us spread the word!



This week we’re offering the chance to win Steve’s newest album Alphabet Songs Volume III (Rabbit Run) along with the one-of-a-kind (sure to become a collector’s item) t-shirt he submitted to the HFVS T-shirt Review:

Steve Weeks sent in the only one-of-a-kind design. Giving license (and markers) to his kids, they illustrated a fictitious shirt for the “Steve Weeks 2007 Tour of the Imagination.” And his kids got it right. They added all the elements our reviwers were attracted to on other shirts: brightly colored animals, a peace sign, a guitar, cars, aliens and other icons. And someone came up with a very funny tour schedule. According to the roster you can catch the tour at the Emerald City in Oz, Brontoburger Drive-in in Bedrock, or The Restaurant at the End of the Universe in Frogstar, among many other imaginative places. “Love the creative spirit!” commented David (dad) of Williamsburg, MA. “I love it because I love Steve Weeks,” beamed Persephone (age 5).

  • CD: Alphabet Songs Volume III (Rabbit Run) by Steve Weeks
  • T-Shirt: Adult Size S (it’s more like a medium)

HOW TO WIN: For your chance to win, simply post us a comment below. We’ll randomly draw a winner from everyone who leaves a comment. IT’S THAT SIMPLE! — Deadline is 02/05/08 @ 7pm (EST).

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  1. looking forward to Uncle Rock and thanks for this wonderful site!

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