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Notes from Nan: A Change for the Different
BY HF Contributing Writer, Nan Parati

Despite the fact that Rob is back on his feet, he says he’s been “too busy” to write “Grocery Talk with Rob” this week. What a CHANGE from what we saw two weeks ago!

But to give him equal time, Rob’s brother Chip has graciously stepped in to fill Rob’s shoes. So for this week and this week only we have:

Rob’s Grocery Talk with Rob’s Brother Chip

This week’s Talk is brought to you by Patty’s Pajama Irons:

Yes, folks, Nothing gets those unsightly wrinkles out of your pajamas quite like Patty’s. If you’re embarrassed to answer the door, entertain guests, change your oil or even host a charity Jousting contest simply because of those nasty, unkempt jammies, let Patty straighten you out! Patty’s Pajama Irons use toxic waste and lead components for that “Life Long” confidence! And…It’s available it three odors. Get Yours Today at Elmers!

Well, I’m just sick. Sick, I tell you. Not just because I can’t figure you people out good enough to order what I think you’ll want and what I know you’ll need, but I really AM SICK! I’ve been in bed for two days with the flu (Bird flu, typhoid flu, Mongolian flu, One over the cookoo’s nest flu- hey, pick a flu). But Nan- Darling little Nan , has been gracious enough to sort of attempt to fill my rather gigantic shoes. Please give her a little patience, as she’s new to this sort of thing.

We at Elmer’s are starting something new this week and we hope you’ll be as excited about it as we are. We just purchased about 400 tons of cloned horse meat that was going to be shipped to Eastern West Virginia, but through our broker/bookie/barber, Chuck Salsbury, we were able to divert the flat-bed truck in the other direction. We hope you’ll like it. Chuck says it tastes like chicken. Cloned Chicken.

Well, I’m still waiting to hear from some of you who look longingly at our shelves, searching for that item of food that reminds you of your childhood. Just let me know if it’s Ovaltine or Dog food. No Whipples earned this week. I just don’t deserve any.


Thank you, Chip and I think all you readers will join me in asking Chip, What the heck is a Pajama Iron? (Chip lives in Minnesota, so it may be one of those mid-western things that we just don’t have here. Or in New Orleans. Or in North Carolina. What the heck IS a pajama iron??)

Friday’s Menu (01/25/08):

Well sir, my sister has been in town all week and so I am heading over to the Lakehouse right now to have dinner with her.

So this week we have JUST THE FACTS, NO HUMOR (except from Rob’s brother Chip.)

So for dinner this week, Jim is making:

  • Pork Vindallo—A spicy and sour Indian pork stew
  • Served with Basmati Rice and Braised Greens
  • With a Field Greens Salad

And for the vegetarians in the house:

  • Roasted Vegetable Stew
  • With Basmati Rice and Braised Greens
  • With a Field Greens Salad

Mardi Gras in Ashfield

There are still some tickets left for our Eilen Jewell concert on February 9th at 7:30. People are very excited about this (this is the big-time, y’all!) so do not miss out! The concert will be at Town Hall here in Ashfield, and we will be serving dinner as well for a separate price so that you can either do dinner, or do the concert, or both!

Dinner will be:

  • Elmer’s Crawfish Pasta
  • Muffuletta Sandwiches (a big, hunkin’ New Orleans sandwich that comes with either lots of meat, or with lots of no meat for the vegetarians in the house)
  • Shrimp Etouffee

See, it’s Mardi Gras time, so we are doing up New Orleans! Eilen is not from New Orleans, but her music is so good and rowdy she could be, so come on over and get your tickets cheaper in advance!

For more on Eilen, go to

Don’t forget that we now serve lunch on weekends from noon to 2pm, Saturday and Sunday!

And that’s all I’m telling about you for now!

Big E

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