Hoppin’ John in Ashfield

Notes from Nan: And a happy December 26th to you!
BY HF Contributing Writer, Nan Parati

You cannot swing a dead cat at my house this week without hitting someone I am either related to or know real well, and I have not had time to do my usual uproariously funny post. So for that reason I am going to do two things:

  1. Give you this Friday’s dinner menu
  2. Just hand the dang post over to Rob to be funny with. I’m not even going to try this week.


Here’s what we’re having for dinner on Friday:

  • Crab and Fish Cakes
  • With Sauce Remoulade (NOT to be confused with Remoulade Sauce or any other thing remotely resembling in name: Sauce Remoulade!)
  • Winter Vegetable Salad
  • Couscous
  • Field Greens Salad

I am not sure what we are having for non-fish-eating vegetarians and others, but I do know that it will be the same menu after the word “Fish.” I’m just not certain what comes before that word for the vegetarians. It will be something, however, and something good.

We also now have Mary’s Macaroni and Cheese every Friday for those who don’t have a taste for anything else.


Now on New Year’s Day we are having a special thing for you here at Elmer’s:

Come in for not only our regular special breakfast, but

  • Corned Beef Hash
  • Biscuits and Gravy
  • And Hoppin’ John

(not unlike the Morris dancers who were hoppin’ all over the place in here last Saturday night for the Solstice Celebration.)

Hoppin’ John is traditional New Year’s Day food that you HAVE to eat on New Year’s Day if you want to remain financially solvent for the rest of the year.

Okay! That’s all for me!

And for what you’ve all been waiting for (We are going to have to fix that, by the way,) here’s:

Rob’s Grocery Talk with Rob

Greetings, all!

I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday that is celebrated on December 25th. I know I did. Why? O.K. I’ll tell you. I got a cordless drill, that’s why. My very own drill-cordless. It’s so cool, it’s even got a built in LED and a built in level (that’s like having a compass in the stalk!) If I were a kid I would have slept with it. I think we can assume there will be much drilling in the year ahead.

Because we were closed for some reason yesterday (12/25/07), I have not been able to restock the shelves yet and therefore cannot determine my Whipple Rating at the time of this writing. My gut tells me that once again, I did not properly anticipate what the holiday rush would do to our inventory and I’m afraid we’ll be somewhat short on a few items. Let’s just say I scored another Two. Oh man, soooo much room for improvement.

… Well that’s the report for this week. As always, feel free to let us know what grocery items we can get for you. Please party responsibly and have a safe and prosperous new year. I mean it.



Big Elmer (Don’t forget, Rob, that Big Elmer is Big, Funny Elmer, to you!)

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