Vintage Holiday Episode on HFVS (12/18/07)

Vintage Holiday Episode

with Sienna & Persephone

WXOJ LP – 103.3 FM – Valley Free Radio
Northampton, MA
Tuesday evening @ 7pm

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Our Vintage Holiday Episode includes several holiday classics, along with brand new music from the Holiday Hootenanny CD. Holiday Hootenanny is a collection of songs by Detroit musicians playing holiday music the whole family will enjoy, all benefit the Capuchin Soup Kitchen. Click here to read what these modern day superheros are up to.


This week’s extended episode (listen now) concludes with a twelve minute reading of a Çhristmas classic, How the Grinch Stole Christmas by Dr. Seuss. So gather the kids around and tune in for this classic tale. Persephone discovered Mr. Grinch a couple years ago, and last year she even got to meet him at the Springfield Museum. She’s been aching to go back this year. I’m hoping the story will suffice!

Speaking of Christmas classics, there are a few new titles my friend Dawn over at Barefoot Books has turned me on to. They’re stories that families wishing to expose their kids to celebrations and folklore of other cultures from this time of year might be interested in.


The Story of Divaali by Jatinder Verma (Nilesh Mistry, illustrator)
Indian Folklore: Divaali is a five-day festival in India that is similar to our Christmas. Small oil lamps called “divas” (or electric lights) are placed in windows and in doorways and fireworks light up the night sky, casting off the darkness. Gifts are exchanged with friends and families, and sweets are shared. “The Story of Divaali is a beautiful rendition of The Ramayana, an age-old Hindu tale that has been passed down over centuries in many variations.” Including facts about Divaali, this story retells the Hindu tale of a heroic prince and his bride who are separated by the demon prince, Ravana until the Monkey Arm of Hanuman, god of the wind, helps them. [Ages 9-12]

Babushka by Sandra Ann Horn (Sophie Faus, illustrator)
Russain Folklore: Babushka is Russian for grandmother. In this tale, Babushka has a dream of an angel that tells her of a baby born in a manger. Concerned that this baby will be born into an inhospitable place, she is determined to find him, bringing along a warm shawl, a toy and a bottle of ginger cordial (for the grownups). While on her journey, she serves the needs of strangers she meets along the way by giving away her gifts for the child she has set out to see. Once she comes upon the baby she no longer has any gifts to give, only to discover that the gifts she has given to others are also gift to the baby. [Ages 4-8]

One City, Two Brothers by Chris Smith (Aurelia Fronty, illustrator)
Middle East Folklore: “Long ago, a river valley curved and curled its way through the land from the hills in the east to the sea in the west … two brothers farmed a piec of land on the flat valley floor between two villages. So begins Solomon’s tale, of two brothers …. after the best harvest anyone can remember, one brother decides to five three of his sacks of grain o the other. When night falls, he loads the sacks onto his donkey and travles to his brother’s village. But the next morning the relaizes with surprise that the three sacks are back in his own store. He sets off the next night in the smae way as the first, and the same thing happens. Only on the third night is the mystery solved – and according to tradition, it is in this place that the city of jerusalem was born.” [Ages 6 & up]


We’re shaking things up and this week: we’re offering all THREE BOOK titles mentioned above as our weekly contest offering! Dawn over at Barefoot Books has graciously donated these titles to be part of our weekly contest, and they are excellent books to have in any child’s library:

  1. The Story of Divaali by Jatinder Verma
  2. Babushka by Sandra Ann Horn
  3. One City, Two Brothers by Chris Smith

HOW TO WIN: For your chance to win, simply post us a comment below. We’ll randomly draw a winner from everyone who leaves a comment. IT’S THAT SIMPLE! Deadline is 12/25/07 @ 7pm (EST).


on winning the Gustafer Yellowgold contest from last week. He wins a bag of goodies, including GY’s newest CD/DVD release. Boy won’t Ben be surprised! Congratulations!


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    5 Comments on “Vintage Holiday Episode on HFVS (12/18/07)

    1. I have never been to this site before, but a bunch of people mentioned it to me. Thanks a million for these book recommendations. I already have a bunch of these books and agree with the picks. But there were also new ones that I had never heard of that I will now check out…

    2. Fun Show guys! I enjoyed listening to you all talk about Christmas and the songs that you picked out, too!

    3. Thanks so much for these great book suggestions. We’ve had lots of discussions in our house about how to handle the holidays, and bringing in stories from different cultures is one route we’ll definitely choose as our children grow older.

      Regina (mom to Serafina, 15 months; and Baby X, due in May)

    4. Hello!
      I just discovered Hilltown Families about 6 months ago and am always delighted to read it and am constantly reminded why living in this area is SO awesome!!
      Thanks so much!
      (Mama to Stella (2) and wife to Lisa)
      Shelburne MA

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