Gustafer Punches Cheese in Florence

Gustafer Yellowgold at the Florence Civic Center

Gustafer Yellowgold in Florence (c) www.HilltownFamilies.orgLast February, Morgan Taylor and Rachel Loshak from Gustafer Yellowgold came to the Pioneer Valley for a memorable family performance at the Flywheel in Easthampton, MA. Well, lots has happen between then and now (for one thing, Flywheel closed their doors in March, with hopes to open again in the Old Town Hall in downtown Easthampton, a very exciting prospect! Click here to read Valley Advocate’s article). This past weekend they performed at the Florence Civic Center in Florence, MA, presented by Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child.

Christy & Kai at the performance (c) www.HilltownFamilies.orgSince their last gig in our area, Gustafer Yellowgold came out with a new CD/DVD this fall, Have You Never Been Yellow?, a sequel to their first album, Gustafer Yellowgold’s Wide Wild World. This weekend’s performance included several songs off of their new CD, including “Punching Cheese,” “The Mustard Slugs” and “Beard For All Seasons.” Each of their songs is a blend of minimally animated illustrations that are accompanied by Taylor’s catchy and original ballads for a truly different multimedia experience. Here’s their performance of “The Mustard Slugs:”

Another exciting thing that has happen since their last visit is that their newest CD won the number one position on the Fids and Kamily Award, which Hilltown Families was invited to participate in as a judge! Congratulations! In a recent post to Hilltown Familes, Fids & Kamily 2007 Awards … My Vote!, written by HF Contributing Writer, Bill Childs from Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child, Childs writes:

Liam during the performance (c) www.HilltownFamilies.orgHave You Never Been Yellow? – Gustafer Yellowgold ( Gustafer is a small yellow fellow from the sun, and this, the second CD/DVD set to follow his Earthly exploits, is sweetly hilarious and musically rich. The CD stands on its own, but the DVD “moving story book” is what makes the package very nearly perfect.

And the last bit of exciting news we’ll share, Morgan and Rachel will be expecting their first child in a few months! Kudos you two! Wishing you wellness and joy.

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