Outdoor Adventures for Kids: Monday Afternoon’s in the Hilltowns

Outdoor Adventures for Kids in the Hilltowns

A ten week Monday afternoon (4pm-5pm) adventure program for kids ages 5-7 at the TMO Base Camp in Chesterfield, MA, starting January 7th and ending March 31st, 2008. Led by Program Coordinator, Timothy Vogel of Tekoa Mountain Outdoors.


Photo of the Base CampThrough age appropriate activities, young kids can explore their surrounding environment and learn about our ecology through indoor and outdoor activities and games. This ten week program will led young Adventurers through the exploration of their environment by learning how to use their senses, compasses and maps while hiking and snow shoeing around the Base Camp in Chesterfield, MA. As the weather turns towards spring, they will learn about the relationship between the Eastern Bluebird and our local environment, build their very own Bluebird nesting box, and continue their educational flight with kites and discoveries of spring. Our last day will conclude with a make-your-own ice cream social by using a tin can!



JANUARY 7th, 14th & 28th

WEEK 1 – Monday (01/07/08)
Introduction & Games

As an introduction to the winter program, indoor and outdoor games will be played and participants will learn about exciting activities and projects we will be exploring through the winter session. Our young Adventurers will be introduced to all the outdoor gear and materials they will be using throughout the course.
Hot drinks will be provided.

WEEK 2 – Monday (01/14/07)
The Shape of Things

As humans we depend on all of our senses to gather impressions of our environment. Through touching, tasting, hearing, smelling and seeing, our brains sort out the diversity of sizes, colors, and shapes that we see. In this activity our young Adventurers will explore this diversity that appears in both nature and in man-made environments by using their senses.
Hot drinks will be provided.

WEEK 3 – Monday (01/28/08)
Getting In Touch With Trees

Throughout the camp and with a Mystery Box, our Adventurers will explore the shapes and texture of trees by using their sense of touch, while learning how to identify different species and their importance to our watershed.
Hot drinks will be provided.

FEBRUARY 4th, 11th & 25th

WEEK 4 – Monday (02/04/08)
Discovering the Compass

We begin our Map & Compass exploration as our young Adventures will learn about a compass. Through both indoor and outdoor games they will discover what a compass does and how it works.
Hot drinks will be provided.

WEEK 5 – Monday (02/11/08)
Using a Map & Compass

Off our Adventures will go right out into the woods, using what we learned about compasses the week before. With a TMO local Base Camp map, we will learn how to navigate around the Base Camp using things called Bearings. We are also going to learn how to orient our maps, count paces and steps to measure distance to reach our goals and objectives.
Hot drinks will be provided.

WEEK 6 – Monday (02/25/08)
Snow Shoeing

With provided snow shoes, our young Adventures will explore the outdoors with snow shoes. We will be incorporating our map and compass skills while we will identify tracks and talk about why the tracks are there.
Snow shoes (for kids) and hot drinks will be provided.

MARCH 3rd, 10th, 24th

WEEK 7 – Monday (03/03/08)
Learning About the Eastern Bluebird

Our Eastern Bluebird nesting box building project starts off with a discussion about the Bluebird, why they left New England, and why it’s important to help them return to our Watershed. Our young Adventures will build their very own Bluebird nesting boxes* and then decorate them with natural objects found right here at the Base camp to take home. If necessary, this activity will be concluded the following week. Parent participation is required and parents are encouraged to bring a hammer and safety glasses. Limited supplies will be available.
Hot drinks will be provided.

WEEK 8 – Monday (03/10/08)
Which Way Does the Wind Blow?

The March wind is here, so let’s talk about kites! After finishing up with our Bluebird nesting boxes, we will discuss kite safety, styles, maneuvers and make a
Wind Sock to see which direction wind is coming from. Together we will assemble our kites, add the string and tails and then set off to our giant ball field to try out this fun and breezy activity. Parents participation may be required.
*Please bring a pre-made kite purchased from your local merchant to assemble.
Hot drinks will be provided.

WEEK 9 – Monday (03/24/08)
Signs of Spring

Spring has sprung and our young Adventurers will spend this afternoon discovering the signs of spring in the wetlands of our watershed. We’ll look for who’s out and about, and go on a hunt for Fiddle-heads and Trillum around the Base Camp pond and streams. Bring
a bug /fish net and we will make a hand lens to examine them.

WEEK 10 – Monday (03/31/08)
Tin Can Ice Cream

Our last day will conclude with our young Adventurers making their own ice cream by using a tin can! They will learn how to construct their homemade ice cream maker from materials brought from home and follow through by making their very own to enjoy. And ice cream social will follow to conclude our Winter Session. The Spring Session will beginning the following Monday.



  • Photo of Camp OfficeTIME: Starting January 7, and ending March 31, 2008, this ten week program is held on Mondays between the hours of 4pm-5pm.
  • COST: $10.00 per-child. Tuition cost is $100.00 for ten weeks.
  • CLASS SIZE: 10 person maximum.
  • OBJECTIVES: Tekoa Mountain Outdoors (TMO) will run a one hour program were the parent can stay to watch or help their child while they engaged in projects, activities and games in a safe environment. These activities will help promote, communication, teamwork, confidence, and self-esteem while building new friendships in a fun learning experience. TMO is fully insured and liable for all TMO programs.
  • PROGRAM COORDINATOR: Timothy Vogel of Tekoa Mountain Outdoors.
  • SUPPLIES*: Most building and art materials are included in the program, however, the Bluebird nesting box kits we build in March, cost $15.00 per box in addition to the program fee. Adults are welcome to buy a kit for themselves too. This activity will be the only take home project that has an additional fee. A pre-made kite purchased from your local merchant will be request for the 03/10/08 class.
  • LOCATION & FACILITIES: This program meets at the TMO Base Camp located on the Chesterfield Scout Reservation at 27 Sugarhill Road in Chesterfield, MA. (Click here for directions) An inside heated meeting space is available during inclement weather or when we do inside projects. The bathrooms are comfortable, clean, outdoor camp style facilities. Most of the time we are outdoors having fun and learning, so please dress for the weather to insure you child will get the most out of program.
  • FUTURE PROGRAMS: Hilltown Families will be presenting future afternoon programs with TMO. Programs will include: Environmental Education ( EE ), X-Country Skiing, Snowshoeing, Rock Climbing, Fly Fishing, Fly Tying, Tent and Backpack Demonstrations, Hiking, First Aid, Water Adventures, Team Building and Cooperative Games, and more adventure programs. Help your kids create an awareness about our environment through adventure and exploration.
  • HOW TO REGISTER: Contact our Program coordinator, Timothy Vogel of Tekoa Mountain Outdoors by calling 413-296-4249. Pre-register is required. Spaces will fill up fast, so don’t wait! Mail tuition payment of $100.00 to: Tekoa Mountain Outdoors. 27 Sugarhill Rd. Williamsburg, MA, 01096. Please make checks out to TMO. REGISTRATION FORM
    From the West (Berkshire County):
    Take Route 8 south to Hinsdale. Pick up Route 143. Travel east on Route 143 for approximately 20 miles to Sugar Hill Road, which will be a left hand turn. Turn left onto Sugar Hill Road. The Camp Entrance will be 200 yards down on the right.
    From the East (Hampshire/Franklin Counties):
    Take I-91, to exit 19 in Northampton. Head West on Route 9, towards Chesterfield and Williamsburg. After traveling through Williamsburg, you will take a left on Route 143 West (there is a small BSA Camp sign). Follow Route 143 for approximately 4 miles, and turn right onto Sugar Hill Road. The camp entrance will be about 200 yards down on the right.

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