The History of Thanksgiving on the History Channel (11/21 @ 7pm)

What REALLY Happened at Plymouth?

If you’re set up with satellite TV here in the hilltowns and have access to the History Channel, tonight (Wed. 11/21) they will be airing their special Thanksgiving presentation, The History of Thanksgiving at 7pm (EST). This documentary may be a useful addition to home studies on Native American History and the history of American culture as it relates to this holiday.

Turkey dinners, footballs and parades–these are the modern-day trappings of the holiday celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November each year. But Thanksgiving is more than just a day of food and festivity. This documentary traces the history of Thanksgiving, from early festivals and rituals of thanks to the feasts Americans celebrate today. The History of Thanksgiving explores different tales of the Thanksgiving holiday, examining how and why the story of the Pilgrims sharing bounty with Native Americans became the symbol of Thanksgiving. Using primary sources, expert historians and authentic reenactments, this program untangles some Thanksgiving myths and recounts the story of how it became recognized as a federal holiday. Students will find that this documentary gives them new historical insights into this popular holiday, and an opportunity to discuss its meaning and significance in our society today.

Visit the History Channels special History of Thanksgiving web site.

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