Gorge Aprés Gorge: A Local Family Tradition

Gorge aprés Gorge Walk/Run: A Family Event
At the Chesterfield Gorge in West Chesterfield

Gorge Apres GorgeThis is the time of year families are cooking and traveling and getting ready for their big Thanksgiving feast (= gorge #1). Following a Thanksgiving gorge, this is the time of the year area families are getting ready for the 4th Annual Gorge aprés Gorge at the Chesterfield Gorge in West Chesterfield
(= gorge #2)! The GaG is a 3 mile walk/run (out & back) morning event for families to come together for exercise and a fun time, held on the Sunday following Thanksgiving. Go as long or as little as you want.


  • Sunday, Nov. 25 @ 10am
    Chesterfield Gorge parking lot
    West Chesterfield, MA
    All are welcomed! It’s a family affair


  •  If there is snow, bring your skies, snow shoes, or sleds. Or you can run and walk to make the 1.5 mile trek out to the first gate on a dirt fire road.
  • Photo from 2006 Gorge Apre Gorge
  • If there is sun, come run, bike, and/or walk.

  • Water will be available about 3/4 miles out.
  • Hot drinks will be served back at the parking lot, including coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and apple cider (bring mugs, if you want).
  • Refreshments from Bread Euphoria and Tanya Rapinchuck (and participants who would like to bring a refreshment to share.

The Gorge aprés Gorge is organized by local resident (and mother of two) Leslie Charles and is supported by a Cultural Council Grant. Email: leslie@lacdesign.com
(Photo (c) 2006 Leslie Charles)

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