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Collage of all shirt submitted to the HFVS 1st Annual T-shirt ReviewThe results are in! Several weeks ago, Hilltown Families sponsored the Hilltown Family Variety Show’s 1st Annual T-Shirt Review Mini-Fest and Ice Cream Social in West Chesterfield, MA, cosponsored by Silver Screen Design and Grendel Books.

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The event was not a contest, but rather a review. Not to say that there wasn’t a lot of “buzz” around a few designs. The kids (our “Official Reviewers”) were very attracted to stars, guitars and vivid colors, especially Ben Rudnick & Friends tie-dyed guitar playing alien design, along with the Sippy Cups‘ robot design. And the parents were keen on logos, with Rebecca Frezza‘s Big Truck logo being a top favorite along with Recess Monkey. Parents overwhelmingly found the humor in Milkshake‘s cow illustration, but it seemed to go over the heads of the kids.


AudraRox | Bari Koral Band | Baze and His Silly Friends | Beethoven’s Wig | Ben Rudnick & Friends | Biscuit Brothers | The Bottle Let Me Down (Compilation) | Brady Rymer | Charity and the JAMband | Elizabeth Street | Ellen & Matt | Gustafer Yellowgold | Gwendolyn and the Good Time Gang | The Hipwaders | Imagination Movers | Milkshake | Mr. Richard | Music for Aardvarks & Other Mammals | Play! (Compilation) | Pop Rockets | Princess Katie & Racer Steve | Ralph’s World | Rebecca Frezza | Recess Monkey | ScribbleMonster | The Sippy Cups | Soundzania | Steve Weeks | Sugar Free Allstars | Suzi Shelton | Toxic Muffin | Trout Fishing in America | Uncle Moon Dog | Uncle Rock


Out of 47 designs we’ve awarded eight as either a KIDS PICK, PARENTS PICK, or EDITORS PICK. Congratulations to the following band designs on their awarded designs:


To follow (in alphabetical order) is a review of the shirts submitted by our participating bands. You’ll also find links to their website (just click on the artist name), available albums you can buy now by clicking on the title (the holidays are coming!) and links to songs available for instant downloading.


Stars, stars, stars. That’s what the reviewers liked best about AudraRox’s design. “I like this design because it’s stars on a black t-shirt,” said Avita (age 5) of Chesterfield, MA. And Jaden (age 5) of Plainfield, MA, liked the way it said “Rox.” This design is printed on American Apparel shirts.

Editor’s note: AudraRox’s music does Rock! One of my favorite albums. Add it to your kids music library. The band was featured on Noggin’s Jack’s Big Music Show in January 2007. Audrarox has been featured on the Mother’s Day Episode on HFVS.

Bari Koral Band

The Bari Koral Band submitted this design on two different color shirts, blue and red. The blue reminded some kids of the beach, and simple comments on how reviewers liked the face were shared. Several parents chimed in too, including Bill (dad) of Northampton, MA who commented, “A little Thelma” in his review, and Ruth (mom) of Northampton, MA, wrote, “Great strong, stand alone graphic.” Printed on American Apparel shirts.

Editor’s note: Bari Koral, award winning singer/songwriter, has appeared with Lenny Kravitz, Norah Jones, the Doobie Brothers and cast members of Saturday Night Live and Six Feet Under. Her music can be heard on XM kids and she is the co-founder of Little Stars, workshops where kids write and perform their own songs (as aired on PBS).

Baze and His Silly Friends
The graphic on this design reminds me of a Polaroid transfer. Other reviewers found the design to have a unique artistic sense too, including Jackson (age 7) of Worthington, MA, who compared the design to the artwork of Eric Carle.

Editor’s note: Singer/songwriter Marc Bazerman donates a portion of his sales to help fight Autism. This is his first album and worth checking out. There are several songs on this album that we love, including “Hootenanny Harry,” a favorite of my daughter’s, which we featured on the Hippie Harvest Episode on HFVS.

Beethoven’s Wig
There seemed to be an equally positive response from kids and parents on this design. They all liked the otherworldly, flowing wig on Beethoven’s head. “I like that his wig is tubes,” commented Ruben (age 10). And Ruben’s parents, found the design fun, fanciful and imaginative. “Best graphic,” wrote Gus (Ruben’s dad).

Editor’s note: Beethoven’s Wig is Very Big! If you’re looking to expose your kids to classical music, this series is the best introduction. This a great mix of education and entertainment. The list of awards for their albums is impressive, including Grammy Award Nominations and Parents’ Choice Awards.

Ben Rudnick & Friends

Kids Pick Award - Hilltown FamiliesWithout a doubt, Ben Rudnick & Friends design was one of the top three designs amongst our “Official Reviewers,” getting the most positive comments out of all submitted t-shirts. This design pulled off the blend of color and graphic design that appealed most to the kids. “I like the pink in the middle and red in a circle,” commented Antonia (age 5) of Florence, MA. “I like the cool guitar and the three eyes!” shared Jaden (age 5). It is noted that the tie-dye designs can vary, with blue centers and green swirls, or orange centers with yellow swirls … they can all turn out with different patterns and colors, which gives every shirt its own unique aspects.

Editor’s Note: Not only is their t-shirt a HFVS Choice Pick – so is their music! Grace’s Bell is their newest release, and as a judge for the Fids and Kamily awards, it was one of my top ten album picks for the 2007 awards. This Boston based band has received many awards, including Parents’ Choice Awards and Children’s Music Web Awards. BR&F has been featured on several HFVS episodes, including the Summer Vacation Episode.

Biscuit Brothers
Stripes, stripes, stripes. The adults liked the stripes and colors, but it wasn’t a favorite design among the kids. “Good colors for adults but not very kid friendly,” commented Kara (mom) of Plainfield, MA.

Editor’s note: The t-shirt might not have been a best pick, but their music and DVD’s are award winning and air nationally on 26 PBS stations. Their mission is to educate by supporting music appreciation at home and music curriculum in classrooms.

The Bottle Let Me Down (Bloodshot Records)
Parent’s really appreciated the humor of this design; giving back a little humor with their comments: “I’m MADD about this one,” wrote Bill (dad). In an adult size, this design would be a great shirt for any new parent. A bit over the head for the kids, but the upside down wheelbarrow caught their attention. “I like the wheelbarrow. It makes me think of gymnastics,” commented Vivien (age 4) of Cummington, MA. Printed on American Apparel shirts.

Editor’s note: A choice compilation album with an array of roots rock heroes, including Rosie Flores, Kelly Hogan, Alejandro Escovedo, Robbie Fulks, The Handsome Family, Waco Brothers, Cornell Hurd, Jim & Jennie and the Pinetops, Jane Baxter Miller, Asylum Street Spankers, Rex Hobart, Jon Rauhouse, Split Lip Rayfield, The Meat Purveyors, Freakwater, Trailer Bride, Kim Lenz, and more. Click here to see what we had to say about this compilation album. Recommended!

Brady Rymer
Brady Rymer submitted a series of four different designs in four different colors. The series was reviewed favorably by both kids and their parents. “I love this series of pastels, retro and rock,” commented Bill (dad).
The blue shirt that features a young boy finding his green guitar in a sea of toys, shouting “I Found It!,” won the most favorable comments out of the Rymer series. “I like the guitar … or is it a ukulele?” observed Avita (age 5).

The pink shirt features animal crackers falling from the sky into a girls open mouth, with the caption, “Eatin’ Animal Crackers.” Collectively, only the adults seemed to fully appreciate the reference; exposure to such treats being somewhat limited in this health conscious crowd. This was apparent from the kids comments: “It’s funny that she’s eating the toys,” commented Natalie (age 6) of Northampton, MA. And Josh (age 5), commented, “She’s eating a tiger, a whale, a horse, a seal and an elephant!”

The design with the kid in a bath of toys, with the caption “Sea Soup” struck kids as very silly. “It’s funny that she has so many toys that she can’t even take a bath!” laughed Natalie (age 6).

Charity and the JAMband
Not that many comments on this shirt. One reviewer liked the name of the band (it does have a nice ring to it!) and one parent thought the feet were cute.

Editor’s note: I love Charity and the JAMband! Big fan. Their shirt is cute, but their music is great, full of funk and rock parents will love. Their album, Rock Your Socks Off won a Parent’s Choice Gold Award, and Peanut Butter and JAM won the 2006 Children’s Music Web Awards. Guess I’m not alone! Click here to listen to the Dance & Jam Episode on HFVS, featuring Charity and the JAMBand.

Elizabeth Street

Editor Pick Award - Hilltown FamiliesThe unique, free-hand drawing of a one-eyed creature holding up a peace sign rivaled Ben Rudnick & Friends three-eyed alien design amongst our reviewers and their parents. With some fancier background color, I’m sure Elizabeth Street’s design would have given Ben’s design a run for it’s money. The keen observer, however, might note that Elizabeth Street’s design was the only design in the review that was screened onto an organic cotton t-shirt. For many parents, organic cotton trumps the vibrant colors and patterns in tie-dying – but no doubt the kids like this one-eyed guy. Natalie (age 6) commented, “the eyeball takes up the whole head. That’s funny!” And Persephone (age 5) of West Chesterfield, MA, said, “I like the eyeball thing.” Screened on American Apparel (Organic Cotton) shirts.

Editor’s note: Click here to see what we had to say when Elizabeth Street performed at Cup & Top in Florence, MA. ES was featured on the Father’s Day Episode on HFVS.

Ellen & Matt
“Starsky & Hutch? Mork & Mindy? Where’s this font from?,” wondered Bill (dad) about Ellen & Matt’s logo. The kids glossed over this design and the adults didn’t have much to say either. But one thing that was unique about this entry was that it was the only brown shirt in the review.

Editor’s note: Ellen & Matt re a husband/wife kid-rocking team. Best Friends is their debut album which is a fusion of high-energy indie pop and harmony-driven ballads. We aired a cut from this album on the Hippie Harvest Episode on HFVS. Check out the archived show. This is a band to put on your radar!

Gustafer Yellowgold
Once you’ve gotten to know Gustafer Yellowgold from his DVD you’re hooked. He’s cute and yellow and likes to jump on cakes. But many of our reviewers didn’t know this, and when they saw his yellow head framed by a black t-shirt it was love at first sight. “I want that one,” said Josh (age 5). “I love him,” gushed Persephone (age 5). “He just looks cool,” commented Shomari (age 9) of Buckland, MA. “Auction that one off TODAY!” remarked Bryn (dad) of Buckland, MA. Screened on American Apparel shirts.

Editor’s note: The New York Times described Gustafer Yellowgold as “Dr. Suess meets Yellow Submarine.” I’d say that’s a pretty clever analogy. Click here to see what we had to say about Gustafer Yellowgold when they came to the Flywheel in Easthampton, MA. They’ve just released their newest DVD/CD set, “Have You Never Been Yellow?” which was selected as a top 10 album by the Fids & Kamily Awards. Their website is a lot of fun too. And big congratulations to Morgan & Rachel who are expecting their first baby!

Gwendolyn and the Good Time Gang
Guitar, guitar, guitar! There are a few icons you could put on a shirt that will grab kids attention. A guitar is one of them. Every remark seemed to say something about Gwendolyn’s blue guitar. “I like that there is a guitar and a drum with a heart in the middle,” said Kai (age 5) of Northampton, MA. Screened on American Apparel shirts.

Editor’s note: Gwendolyn and the Good Time Gang adds to the kids music genre what the Muppets added to the prime time TV landscape when we were kids. If you have a chance to see this group in concert, pack up the kids and take them. They’ll LOVE the show. Click here to see what we had to say about a recent performance at the Children’s Art Museum in Shelburne Falls, MA. Their video “Farm Animal Friends” has appeared on Noggin’ and lead singer Gwendolyn Sanford has recorded for the 2nd season of Weeds. Talk about a double life! Gwendolyn Sanford did a Guest DJ set recently on HFVS.

The Hipwaders
Guitars, guitars, guitars. Stick one on a shirt and you’ve got the kids attention. This design in particular was well received. “I like the guitar and black t-shirt a lot. Rock & roll!” remarked future concert goer Nathaniel (age 5) of Worthington, MA. And the parents gave this design a thumbs up too: “Simple and funky!” wrote Erica (mom) of Shelburne Falls, MA. “Very cool for kids and adults,” commented Kara (mom).

Editor’s note: We’ve included the Hipwaders in several of our HFVS episodes and you can hear them on XMKids Radio too. Or you can add their newest album, Educated Kid, to your collection to listen to whenever you want! The HW were featured on the Halloween Episode on HFVS. And congratulations to the Hipwaders for being one of the top 10 selections of the Fids & Kamily Awards.

Imagination Movers
This design got a couple of good comments from the parents, but the kid reviewers were pretty quiet. The adults found the design eye-catching and “mechanical, yet spirited.”

Editor’s note: What would happen if the Beastie Boys collaborated with Mr. Rogers? Imagination Movers! They’ve been featured on Playhouse Disney TV show and aired on Siruis and XMKids Radio. They have also been the recipients of many awards, including from the Parents’ Choice Foundation, National Parenting Publication Awards and a prize from the John Lennon Songwriting Contest. IM was featured on the Schoolhouse Rock Episode on HFVS.


Parents Pick Award - Hilltown FamiliesThe parents agreed – this design was a favorite! “A shaking cow! Great concept and execution,” commented Ruth (mother of twins). Parents got the concept but kids simply thought the cow looked funny, or “Goofy,” as Claire (age 10) of Cummington, MA, shared.

Editor’s note: Milkshake is great! Love this group. We’ve featured them several time on HFVS and recommend them as great new music to discover. Their music videos have been featured on Noggin’s Jack’s Big Music Show, PBS Kids’ and Discovery Kid’s ToddWorld. Milkshake has been featured on several episodes of the HFVS.

Mr. Richard
Mr. Richard submitted the only ringer t-shirt, a personal favorite style of mine, but sadly the design didn’t grab the attention of the reviewers.

Editor’s note: Click here to see what we had to say about Mr. Richard’s recent performance at Cup & Top in Florence, MA. Mr. Richard was featured on the When I Grow Up I Wanna Be a Superhero Episode on HFVS.

Music for Aardvarks & Other Mammals
Out of the two colors (red & gray) Music for Aardvarks submitted, red was the favorite. And once again, the guitar was a selling point amongst the reviewers, who found it amusing to have an aardvark rockin’ on the guitar. “I like that there is an animal playing a guitar,” commented Sebastian (age 5) of Ashfield, MA. “It’s kind of funny,” remarked Emmett (age 5) of Cummington, MA. Parents found it “funky” and applauded the graphics.

Editor’s note: You gotta have Dave Weinstone’s music in your library. David is the talent behind Music for Aardvarks & Other Mammals and his two albums are winners. I saw David at the Jalopy’s Hootenanny in Brooklyn performing a song that poked fun at kiddie-rockers that was hysterical. It’s good to have a sense of humor, especially as a kiddie-rocker! David Weinstone has been featured on a number of HFVS Episodes including the most recent Toys in the Attic Episode on HFVS.

Play! (DeSoto Records)
A cat blares on the trumpet with a few animal friend atop the word Play! I can just hear the idea being pitched. And it turned out to be a winner. The reviewers loved this design. They liked the animals jamming and the vibrant colors. “I like the gorilla,” said Sunny (age 7) of Cummington, MA. “I like the ‘jazz’ cat playing a horn,” remarked Zane (age 5) of Plainfield, MA. “It’s very playful and I like how the logo is placed,” said Rae (mom) of Williamsburg, MA.

Editor’s note: Great compilation album. A Fids & Kamily Awards winner. “Always Check for Holes” by Channels with Damon Locks is one of my favorites. It aired during our Strawberry Episode on HFVS. Check it out.

Pop Rockets
The Pop Rockets t-shirt was a sleeper. One parent commented on the “great message” of having kids as musicians in their design. But the kids had their lips sealed.

Editor’s note: The Pop Rockets design might have been a sleeper, but they had the audience on their feet and dancing during the two sets they performed during the review. Their new album is far from a sleeper too. It was one of my top 10 picks for the Fids & Kamily Awards. We featured the Pop Rockets during the Best Friends Forever Episode on HFVS. Check it out. And while you’re at it, add their music to your collection. You won’t be disappointed.

Princess Katie & Racer Steve

Editor Pick Award - Hilltown FamiliesThe face that launched the HFVS T-Shirt Review! Giving credit where credit is due, it was Princess Katie’s “Feisty!” t-shirt that planted the idea for this event. Princess Katie & Racer Steve have a his & hers design that the kids loved. Both girls and boys were keen on the winking characters. “Princess Katie is winking at me!” beamed Liam (age 6) of Conway, MA. Girls loved Katie’s crown and every one (of course) loved Racer Steve’s guitar. “The crown is beautiful!” commented Avita (age 5). “I like the man with the funny face and the guitar,” shared Zoe (age 4) of Ashfield, MA. And parents were keen on them too. I know if “Feisty” came in adult sizes, I’d wear one! “Love the twist on ‘his’ & ‘hers’ in retro graphics to boot,” noted Ruth (mom). Designs are screened onto American Apparel shirts.

Editor’s note: Princess Katie & Racer Steve just finished their second CD – not yet released, but look for it soon. Click here to read about their performance at Cup & Top. PK&RS were featured on the T-Shirt & Blue Jeans Episode on HFVS.

Ralph’s World
Stars, stars, stars. Every reviewer was fond of the stars.

Editor’s note: Green Gorilla was nominated for a Grammy, and Ralph’s World has received high acclaim from a number of media outlets, including Parent’s Magazine and NPR. Ralph’s World was recently featured on the Dance and Jam Episode on HFVS.

Rebecca Frezza

Parents Pick Award - Hilltown FamiliesRebecca Frezza submitted two designs, one limited edition (the colorful design) and one with their Big Truck Music logo. Parents loved the logo design on the red shirt. Parents of boys were baffled as to why their kids didn’t pick this design as a favorite over others (could it be that some of the kids can’t read yet?). One mother commented on the classic but hip design of the logo, while another found the design to be “very nostalgic.”

The limited edition design appealed more to both kids and adults. The dinosaur peeking out from behind a skyscraper appealed to several reviewers. “It’s funny because there’s a dinosaur there, but they’re extinct,” commented Natalie (age 6).

Editor’s note: Rebecca Frezza and her eight-piece band, called Big Truck, can be seen on Noggin’s Jack’s Big Music Show and PBS Kids’ and was a featured artist on the Farmyard Jungle Episode on HFVS. Check it out and add Frezza’s CD’s to your musical library.

Recess Monkey

Parents Pick Award - Hilltown FamiliesParents loved Recess Monkey’s t-shirt design. The bright pink logo on black was an attention grabber and the name tickled many parents. Kids liked it too. “I like the monkey because he’s hiding behind a banana,” observed Natalie (age 6).

Editor’s note: Kudos to Recess Monkey, a Parent’s Pick for the HFVS T-Shirt Review and Fids & Kamily Awards winners. Their newest CD, Wonderstuff is my daughters current obsession and there’s a constant request for it every time we get into the car. Recess Monkey was recently featured on the Halloween Episode on HFVS.

ScribbleMonster’s design is really neat … IT GLOWS IN THE DARK! If the review had been in the dark, I think more folks would have taken note. But beyond the neat-o fact that it glowed, reviewers really liked the design AND the name. “I like how his limbs look like carrots,” wrote Ruben (age 10). “Like the name and that it glows-in-the-dark. Cool!” shared Zane (age 5).

Editor’s note: James Dague of ScribbleMonster (a.k.a. ScribbleJim) not only makes great music, he also has a series of books on the market, along with ScribbleTees, a “create your own tee.” Check out his new t-shirt project at ScribbleMonster was featured on the Toys in the Attic on HFVS.

If we were giving out honorable mentions, Soundzania’s T-shirt would get one. Everyone loved the different elements of this design (band name, color & graphic). Each shirt is tie-dyed individually, so each one is unique. The personified instruments were a big hit. “I love this one because there are tons of guitars playing on a swing set … and because it’s pink!” commented Avita (age 5).

Editor’s note: We were happy to hear that our event inspired Soundzania to create a design.

Steve Weeks
Steve Weeks sent in the only one-of-a-kind design. Giving license (and markers) to his kids, they illustrated a fictitious shirt for the “Steve Weeks 2007 Tour of the Imagination.” And his kids got it right. They added all the elements our reviwers were attracted to on other shirts: brightly colored animals, a peace sign, a guitar, cars, aliens and other icons. And someone came up with a very funny tour schedule. According to the roster you can catch the tour at the Emerald City in Oz, Brontoburger Drive-in in Bedrock, or The Restaurant at the End of the Universe in Frogstar, among many other imaginative places. “Love the creative spirit!” commented David (dad) of Williamsburg, MA. “I love it because I love Steve Weeks,” beamed Persephone (age 5).

Editor’s note: Steve Weeks is a quality songwriter and a fine musician. Using every letter in the alphabet as his inspiration, he was able to craft three CD’s that are full of engaging stories, fine pickin’ and funny antics. His newest release, Rabbit Run, won my vote as a judge for the Fids & Kamily Awards as one of the top 10 kids albums of the year. Steve Weeks produced the HFVS jingled played every week as the show opens (thanks, Steve!).

Sugar Free Allstars
It’s all about the instruments. Comments by our reviewers mention their fondness of the instruments, time and again. Except for one reviewer, Claire (age 10), “Etchi!” (yeah, I don’t know what that means either, but it sounds cool).

Editor’s note: I love Dos Ninos. They won my vote over at the Fids and Kamily Awards, along with the votes from several other judges. CONGRATS to SFS for their top 15 placement over at the F&K Awards. They were featured on the Goin’ Bananas with Monty Harper Episode on HFVS. Dos Ninos is the first kids album they’ve produced. They also crank out some pretty good grown-up music too.

Suzi Shelton
It we were giving out a “most unique design” award, Suzi Shelton’s shirt n’ skirt would have won. Girls loved this design. “I like the skirt on the bottom because I LOVE skirts! Especially with the flowers and stripes, and orange is my favorite color!” commented Antonia (age 5). Even dad’s enjoyed this design. “Might be my favorite design. I’d wear it,” wrote Gus (dad) of West Chesterfield, MA.

Editor’s note: Suzi Shelton is the recipient of many prestigious awards, including Parenting Magazine Parenting Pick, and Parents’ Choice Recommended Award Winner. Suzi Shelton was featured on the When I Grow Up I Wanna Be a Superhero Episode on HFVS.

The Sippy Cups

Kids Pick Award - Hilltown FamiliesSince this event was a review and not a contest, there is no winner. Everyone wins. BUT, let’s say it had been a contest… Hands-down, the winner would have been from this series. We’ve seen that guitars and stars really grab kids attention … but they ain’t got nothin’ on ROBOTS! My goodness the kids were buzzin’ over the Robot. Everyone was talkin’ about the Robot. They liked the retro style and the colors and the fire coming out of his boots. “The Sippy Cups have a nice style. All three are eye catching, but the robot is my favorite,” shared Gus (dad). “I LOVE Robots and I like the name of the band,” commented Jaden (age 5). Not to outshine the pixie and the peace sign … they got a lot of the attention too. “Peace peas, that’s funny!” commented Zoe (age 4). “I like how the girl is wearing two different colored boots,” replied Antonia (age 5). “Absolutely love all of these – kids do too!,” shared Kara (mom).

Toxic Muffin
“I like that it looks stinky,” shared Nathaniel (age 5). Well put Nathaniel! It looks stinky. And the kids LOVE that. Here is an example of how something gross, sells. At least to the boys … and the dads: “Yuck! I love it.” wrote Bill (dad).

Editor’s note: Tino & Ari of Toxic Muffin are the sons of kiddie-rockin’ mama, AudraRox. With a third friend (all ages 9-11) they make the band Toxic Muffin.

Trout Fishing in America
This design had appeal to the literary buffs in the crowd, with the name taken from a Richard Brautigan novel. And the kids liked the personification of the fish wearing sunglasses. If the reviewers were to see Ezra (who stands 6’9″ tall) and Keith (who stands only 5’5″) from the band standing side by side they might have appreciated the humor in the size differences between the two fish.

Editor’s note: Trout Fishing in America has been applauded and awarded from here to Timbuktu. This Grammy Nominated duo is a must for your family music collection. Since the holidays are coming up, start with Merry Fishes to All.

Uncle Moon Dog

Kids Pick Award - Hilltown FamiliesThe personification of animals really grabs the attention of kids. Put a star on the human-dog’s shirt (or get him to play a guitar), color it brightly, and the kids go wild! Maybe “wild” is an exaggeration, but they definitely loved Uncle Moon Dog’s design. Kids commented on how they liked the expressions and how the dog was dressed. And parent’s concurred that they liked the design and would buy it for their kids. “Love the seventies flashback… right out of our childhood,” wrote Kara (mom). “I’d buy this for my kids,” said Deanna (mom).

Uncle Rock
“Heavy duty.” wrote Rae (mom). “Subversive & nasty. Way cool!” commented Bill (dad). Not the reaction I would assume Uncle Rock was looking for when he decided to use a drawing his son made of his daddy for a t-shirt design. But his local fans still loved it simply because it was an Uncle Rock t-shirt. “I love Uncle Rock!” beamed Persephone (age 5). “I have this shirt at home!” said Kiah (age 4) of Ashfield, MA.

Editor’s note: Two years in a row Uncle Rock has been awarded an Honorary Mention with the Fids & Kamily Awards. His newest CD was on my list of top 10 2007 albums submitted to the awards, and he still remains one of my family’s top 10 musicians. Uncle Rock was recently a Guest DJ for the HFVS, and was featured on the Hippie Harvest Episode on HFVS.


A big THANK YOU goes out to all our reviewers, sponsors and artists for making this event possible!!! If you would like to offer your review, please post in the comment box below.


If you’re looking for a little background on the review, we’ve written several posts leading up to and covering the event, including a two-hour radio show. Here is a list of these posts for your perusal:

  • Click here to read why we decided to have a t-shirt review.
  • Click here to read about the event and to see a slide show.
  • Click here to discover the really cool t-shirt design we had made for the review by artist Seth Gregory.
  • Click here to listen to two-hours of music by all the bands who submitted to the reviewed, hosted by Sienna Wildfield from the HFVS and aired on Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child on 10/06/07.

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  7. This was a really fun idea, and Thanks for the review! Here in Austin, the Biscuit Brother’s t-shirt is usually covered in autographs from the brothers and their sister, Buttermilk! And Tiny Scarecrow. Buford usually illustrates his autographs too, so that takes up a lot of room on the shirt.

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  8. “You like me, you really like me! I’d like to thank the Academy, Hilltown Families, every kid, the Editors…wait, I’m not finished…stop, please don’t play the music yet, and uhm…whoever came up with the idea of the t-shirt…okay, just a second, please…and uh…the guy at the printing place who believed in me when no one else would…cotton, I’d like to thank cotton, for being so easy to wear…”

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