Wool Angels, Gnomes and Dwarves

Craft Ideas: A Child’s Seasonal Treasury

(C) Betty Jones, A Child's Seasonal TreasuryWhile looking for holiday craft ideas to do with my daughter for the Kids-Made Holiday Bazaar, I rediscovered Betty Jones’s book, A Child’s Seasonal Treasury. This DELICIOUS book has 100 ideas that include songs, crafts, poetry, recipes and more. I found a few crafts from Jones’s book that I’m familiar with but never had the directions for. I’ve included them here to share:

Wool Angels (c)A Child's Seasonal Treasury


  1. White Wool Fleece
  2. gold thread
  3. gold star

Take a piece of clean white wool that has been carded smooth (approximately 1 foot in length). Tie a firm knot in the middle of the wool to form a head. Gently separate and pull half the amount of wool that’s left on either side of the head and tie it off at the waist with gold thread to form the lower body, leaving the remainder of the wool fleece as wings. Lightly tease this wool, spreading the fibers into the shape of wings, and sew to maintain shape with a few stitches as possible, securing the wings to the angel’s back. Attach a star on the angel’s forehead, if desired.


(c) Child's Seasonal TreasuryMaterials:

  1. Various colors of felt and yarn
  2. Large needles
  3. White fleece

Fold a square piece of felt in half. cut as directed, with the neck opening half as long as the vertical head opening. With a blanket stitch, sew closed the opening along the top. With a running stitch, sew along the neck line, leaving enough yarn at the beginning and end to tie securely. Stuff the head with a ball of fleece. Tightly gather the loose yarn ends to form the head; tie ends in a bow. Pull some of the fleece out of the head as a beard. (You can blanket stitch the long front opening and stuff the body for a firm standing dwarf, or keep empty for a puppet dwarf.)


(c) A Child's Seasonal TreasuryMaterials:

  1. Various colors of felt and yarn
  2. Large needles

Cut pieces of felt in the shape indicated. Give two pieces to each child and show them how to stitch freely with different colors of yarn. Encourage diamond, ruby, or sapphire shapes (which can be sewn or cut from felt and sewn on). When both sides are covered with jewels, children stitch both sides together around the border. For a handle, they can make a twizzle by taking two long pieces of yarn, two children holding either end and twisting the yarn in opposite directions until it is very taut. An adult then pinches and holds the mid-point as the children join ends. Adult knots the end and says, “Let go.” The yarn will dance as it twists into a cord to sew onto the pouch.

(Source: A Child’s Seasonal Treasury by Betty Jones.)


To follow are several suggested titles that are inspired by the Waldorf system of education or are on craft techniques. I’ll be adding more as I discover them, so check back. If you have a recommended title you’d like to share, please post it in the comment box below.

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