Making Handmade Holiday Cards with the Kids

By Tony(a) Lemos, HF Contributing Writer

The Big Book Of Handmade Cards and Giftwrap by Bolton

Kids-Made Wrapping Paper, Holiday Cars, Gift Tags & Boxes

Many families use wrapping paper, cards, gift tags and boxes for the holidays! All you need to get started is newsprint, cardstock paper, used magazines, small boxes, paint, crayons, rubber stamps, and embellishments in holiday colors. Then gather the kids and let them go to town!

These can be decorated and embellished several ways:

    • Wet on Wet Watercolor
    • Wax Crayon Resist (First example; Second example)
    • Collage
    • Stamping using foam stamps or rubber stamps or even creating/carving your own

    Try making sets. A set of 6 matching holiday cards and envelopes. Or make an embellished set that includes an envelope, card and wrapping paper. Take the opportunity to talk about patterns and repetition, technique and style.

    Here are some links to inspire:

      For a more advanced projects try making paper. Here are some links to get you started:

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