New Nightlight Savings Time & Local Comfort Food in Ashfield

Notes From Nan: Chicken Stew & Biscuits
BY HF Contributing Writer, Nan Parati

New! New! New! Everything is new in the world of time these days! New Nightlight Savings Time (11/04/07 @ 2am), and now new delivery days for the bread! Our El Jardin bread will now be arriving on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, still around 12 or 1 pm or so, but you now have to adjust your whole fresh-bread eating plan! I’m sorry—it wasn’t my idea. I just write the news, I don’t make it.

But you know what is good old comfortable? Our dinner this week. Mary is making what I personally believe to be her best meal ever: Chicken Stew with biscuits. It just makes you want to crawl back in the womb it tastes so good, so warm and so comfortable! Just like your favorite sweater! I hope it’s really nice and blustery and cold and everything this Friday night so that you can come in and get warm and have some home-made Chicken Stew and biscuits! With a nice, healthy green salad and warm, hearty bread with Mary’s mouth-happy dipping sauce . . . are you there with me? Can you just taste it? With so much bad stuff going on in the world, you just got to be glad that we have Mary’s Chicken Stew. It’s just about the best thing going these days.

Friday’s Menu (11/02/07):

  • A small soup appetizer
  • Chicken or vegetable stew with herbed dumplings (Bell & Evans chicken, veggies and herbs from local farmers)
  • Organic mesclun green salad with house dressing
  • El Jardin bread and basil dipping sauce
  • Mac-n-cheese will also be served.


This week’s produce is listed alphabetically by grower; new items are capitalized:

  • PATTY FLAT FARM Joan and Joel Arsenault:
    broccoli, red and green cabbage, kale, red and yellow onions, green and yellow peppers, tomatoes, red kuri and delicata squash.
  • SPRING WATER GARDENS Will and Donna Elwell:
    flowers, garlic (for eating or for seed), herbs (curly parsley), long cayenne peppers.
  • DONOVAN FARM Ivan and Cinni Donovan:
    Red potatoes, Yukon Gold potatoes
  • SIDEHILL FARM Amy Klippenstein and Paul Lacinski:
    carrots, SALAD GREENS, and fresh yogurt in 5 flavors.
  • SANGHA FARM MaryBeth and Derek Richie:
    green beans, beets (Heirloom and Red Ace) herbs (thyme, parsley, sage, savory), lettuce (red leaf), acorn squash, buttercup squash, delicata squash.
  • BROOK FARM ORCHARD Alan Surprenant:
    Liberty, Yellow Delicious apples.
  • SCOTT’S ORCHARD Ed, Colin, and Donna Scott:
    Macoun, Macintosh apples.
  • SQUASH, Produce Distributor:
    avocados, bananas, garlic (organic), lemons, mushrooms (portabella), sprouts (alfalfa) and tomatoes.

It is time to bring most of our produce inside from Elmer’s porch. Therefore, you may have to hunt for your fruits and veggies. Like “Where’s Waldo?” or a scavenger hunt, we can play “Where’s the mesclun?”. The mesclun is in the red cooler at the left of the bulk items (it freezes in the beverage cooler, but soon we will have a cooler specifically for produce!). So look in the beverage cooler, on the shelves and barrel opposite the cooler, and below the bulk items to find your broccoli, shallots, tomatoes, etc. You’ll feel like a winner as you eat your delicious supper!


  • Elisabeth Leete (occasional Ashfield New contributor) is thinking of starting a small, informal writing group that would meet two or three times a month at Elmer’s. The idea is that sometimes people who want to write (like her) need motivation, which such a group might provide. If interested, e-mail Elisabeth at or call her at 625-2391.
  • Don’t forget Crafty Day every Saturday at 2pm right here!
  • Our art opening this week is Saturday, November 3rd, 3 – 5pm; Art opening with photos by Craig Gibson—who also happens to be Walt Cudnohufsky’s son!
  • And Svetlana, our very nice Russian Girl she make wait for you!

Happy All Saints Day!

Big Elmer

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