Hilltown Halloween Attraction


In West Chesterfield there is a Halloween tradition that started over thirty years ago with a few local kids and a few pumpkins, and has grown into a local tradition that visitors come from miles away to see.

In years past, when the Chesterfield General Store sat just over the bridge that crosses the Westfield River, at the corner of Route 143 and Ireland Street in West Chesterfield, a few neighborhood kids would gather up the leftover pumpkins the store didn’t sell, carve them into jack-o-lanterns, set them all aglow by putting candles inside them, and place them on the rocks in the River.

What started decades ago with maybe fifteen pumpkins, has today grown into a tradition that brings local friends and families together to carve over seventy pumpkins that end up either lining the bridge when the waters are high, or are put on the rocks when the river is low, and glow with ghoulish grins and designs.

This past Sunday evening, families from the hilltowns gathered and carved over seventy pumpkins. Our family walked down this evening to take a look and we were very impressed with the different designs. It’s a neat local tradition that is a true attraction, especially when the waters are low!

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  1. Your tradition has become our tradition! Every year we come from Amherst the day before Halloween to see the display. We won’t spoil the fun (in the river or on the bridge) but I will say that those little guys look like they’re floating in the river when the waters are low. It’s very cool (or as they say in Boston , wicked cool! GO SOX!)

  2. We make a trip over to see this every year. Thanks for letting us know they are up now. The big question … are they in the river or on the bridge?

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