Hey Look! We’re in the Boston Globe!

Notes From Nan: Hey Look! We’re in the Boston Globe!
BY HF Contributing Writer, Nan Parati

This is in today’s Boston Globe—and MAN were we busy this morning! One couple drove from Boston just to eat breakfast here after reading the paper this morning. They didn’t get here until 12:20, but we fed them anyway, seeing as how they had come so far. The story is in the Travel section.

Nothing like the breakfasts in Ashfield

By Jane Roy Brown, Globe Correspondent | October 21, 2007

ASHFIELD -It’s 7:30 on a Wednesday morning, and Elmer’s Store has just opened for breakfast.

A man and his teenage son, dressed for outdoor work, rush in. “A moose is standing in a pasture less than a mile away,” they say to the handful of women who have just finished setting up. Two seated customers glance up from their newspapers. They’ve no doubt seen their share of moose in this rural hill town of 1,800 people in northwestern Massachusetts. A waitress, the cashier, and the owner, being new to the area, show a spark of interest but they can’t leave now.

“Missed my chance again,” sighs Nan Parati, the owner. The North Carolina native, who lived in New Orleans for 25 years, has seen some rare sights, including Jimmy Buffett up close (she used to work for him) and 8 feet of standing water in her house. But never a moose.

Customers filter in, men in work clothes, women in shorts and sport sandals toting toddlers. The parade grows more diverse as the morning advances. Men with gray ponytails arrive with laptops. Women with expensive haircuts tap painted nails against the pastry case. Like their Subaru wagons and Ford pickups parked outside, these different folks sit at adjacent tables.

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