A New Hilltown Tradition: Friday After Fall Festival

Notes From Nan: Happy Anniversary!
BY HF Contributing Writer, Nan Parati

So, we decided to make it an annual tradition that the Friday night after Fall Festival we would serve our Authentic New Orleans Crawfish Pasta for those who:

  1. Wanted some but had to work the festival and didn’t get any
  2. Got some and want some mo’!

After all, it was the rousing success of our serving of it last year on the Friday after Fall Festival that made us look at each other and say, “Hey! How about let’s serve dinner on Friday nights!” So here we are with our first Friday Night Dinner Anniversary!

Friday’s Menu (10/12/07)

In honor of that First Friday Night so long ago we are going to serve:

  • Crawfish Pasta (a larger, plate-sized portion than what we had at the Festival)
  • Local Salad
  • French Bread from El Jardin
  • And Susanne’s Quite Famous Maple Indian Pudding

Non-Crawfish-Fans will be served:

  • Pasta Prima Donna (named because of the local vegetables that our produce manager Donna Elwell is gathering for it.)
  • Local Salad
  • French Bread
  • And Susanne’s Even More Famous Maple Indian Pudding

Elmer’s Updates

  • This Saturday at 2 o’clock rings in the new Craft Afternoon at Elmer’s. It used to be just for knitters and other woolites, but now ANYONE can come and do their crafts of any sort just as long as no one gets hurt. (And as long as you stay out of the kitchen with your woolie things, Alan Young, no one will get hurt.) I think you basically have to be able to do your craft while sitting at or near the table with the group. And it can’t be so loud that no one can talk because that’s really why those people are there at that table—to talk to each other while crafting. Loud crafts might need to be seated at other tables, but you can do those too—just as long as no tables are hurt. No skill saws allowed at the tables. This is getting a little difficult to regulate. Remember when it was just knitters?
  • If you haven’t seen our happy new bakery case since about 3 weeks ago, DO come in! Susanne Hynes is our new in-house baker and she makes new things every day! And that girl can bake! She just hangs out talking and before you know it you’ve got 3 cakes, 5 kinds of cookies, couple of dozen muffins and scones and a new-fangled dessert just all right there ready to eat! Our offerings change daily and they are worth coming in for!

The Farm Report

Produce pointer of the week: While you still have the grill out, roast some WHOLE garlic bulbs and some carrots that have been drizzled with olive oil and salt and pepper. The garlic is actually sweet and the carrots melt in your mouth!

This week’s local produce listed by grower:

  • DONOVAN FARM: Red potatoes, Yukon Gold potatoes
  • PATTY FLAT FARM: broccoli, red and green cabbage, eggplant, red and yellow onions, green and yellow peppers, tomatoes, red kuri winter squash.
  • SANGHA FARM: herbs (thyme, parsley, sage ), acorn squash, buttercup squash, delicata squash.
  • SIDEHILL FARM: carrots, garlic
  • SPRING WATER GARDENS: flower bouquets, herbs (basil), garlic, Concord grapes, long cayenne peppers.
  • SCOTT’S ORCHARD: Macoun apples, Macintosh apples, peaches.
  • BACKYARD GARDENERS: gourds, pears.
  • SQUASH Produce Distributor: avocados, organic garlic, lemons, organic mesclun, and portabella mushrooms.

Coming up!

  • October 27th 7 – 9 pm Ray Mason! Live! Here at Elmer’s!
  • Halloween Night! Pumpkin Soup (from our own pumpkins!) and bread! Come on in and eat hearty before the parade!
  • And have you seen our Halloween Cookies? So cute! Special cookies for your favorite scary kid!
  • We still have some of Dick and Susan Todd’s Heirloom Pumpkins, ¾ of the sale of which goes to the Franklin Land Trust.
  • Okay! See you Friday night!

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