Good Cajun Food All Weekend Long!

Notes From Nan
BY HF Contributing Writer, Nan Parati

Hey Y’all!

Mahn, I got tings to do, yeah! Can’t waste no time on this heah letta, but I got to tell you what we havin’ fo dinna! It’s gonna be SOME good, yeah!

Friday’s Menu (10/05)

  • We got us some Catfish Cakes
  • an’ Sweet Potato Fries
  • an’ Blackeyed Peas
  • an’ Garlic Greens
  • an’ Cornbread

I know y’all vegetarians is gonna have some version of that for some money, but it’s too late for me to wake Mary up and ask her, so you’ll just have to believe me.

Jes’ like we was eatin’ down on the bayou! AiEEEE!! Bring yo’self a squeezebox an’ a fiddle an’ a triangle an’ we’ll strike up some shank-a-shank music and dance all over the flo’ while we eatin’!

Shank-a-shank—that’s that Cajun music!

An then, don’t forget we got that goooooood Authentic Louisiana Crawfish Pasta like we done had las’ year that them people done like SO much! That’s what we servin’ up the next day for the Festival Ashfieldienne up here in the high bayou country!

In the moanin, we got nothin’ but good ole’ breakfast burritos that you can carry ‘round in your little hands while you walkin’ around the fair. That’s ‘till leben o’clock. After that, from 11 til the end of the day, we got that good Crawfish Pasta! You gonna be some happy with that!

Hey and when you come in, come on in an’ look at the bathroom floor! I done stained it up and made it look real nice for you!

Columbus Day

Hey! And on Monday (Columbus Day) we’re gonna be open from 8am – noon and have a special menu:

  • Silver dollar pancakes
  • Pear Compote French Toast (limit 35 slices per customer.) (The Pears come from Walt Cudnohufsky’s yard.)
  • Scrambled Eggs with sausage (vegetarian or real meat) with spinach, caramelized onions and gruyere cheese
  • Eggs any style just like usual (with homefries, meat, toast and all)
  • And the Pope!

Coming up!

  • October 27th, 7 – 9 pm Ray Mason! Live! Here at Elmer’s!
  • Halloween Night! Pumpkin Soup (from our own pumpkins!) and bread! Come on in and eat hearty before the parade!

And have you seen our Halloween Cookies? So cute! Special cookies for your favorite scary kid!

Okay! I got to go stain me some bathroom floor some mo’!

See you on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday! AiEEEEEEE!

Big Time Cajun Elmer

Nan Parati - Elmer's StoreNan Parati:
Nan is the proprietor of Elmer’s Store in Ashfield, MA. A New England transplant from the Deep South, Nan shares her southern wit, wisdom and charm every week in her column, “Notes from Nan.” Share dinner with her every Friday at Elmer’s. Each weeks menu posted with her column.
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