And the winner is . . .

Notes From Nan
BY HF Contributing Writer, Nan Parati

CCL (c) pedrosimoes7This week we’re featuring: Dinner and a Movie Awards Night! Come and have dinner first, then go to Town Hall for Ashfield’s very own first annual Film Festival! See the entries for Best Local Film! All entries were made by Ashfieldites in-or-about Ashfield!

And the winner is . . . . We have more than one winner—the Academy chose their winner. But you, the audience gets to choose the audience favorite, as well!

That starts at 7:30 at Ashfield Town Hall!

But first, Dinner at Elmer’s:

Friday’s Menu 09/14/07

  • Grilled Shrimp or Sesame Tofu
  • Jasmine Rice
  • Succotash
  • Peach Salsa Salad

Because they don’t allow food upstairs at Town Hall, you can’t take your dinner over there with you, but we’ll try to get you in and out as fast as we can!

We’ll have the Ice Cream Man this Friday night again!

Witty Knitters

I understand that the Knitters Group will re-convene at Elmer’s the week after Fall Festival, 2pm on Saturdays. They would also like to invite all crafters to come and sit around and work and talk. (Guys can come too! They have guys who come. Really! They do! I’ve seen them!) If your craft involves livestock, we at Elmer’s ask that you just bring the parts of the livestock you need (like, wool) but leave the rest of the animal at home.

Your Home Office Away from Home

Hey! I forgot to tell you: Did you know we had internet access at Elmer’s? You have to have a wireless card to use it, but if you have one, come on over and sit down, have a cup of coffee (keep it away from your keyboard mind you – we’re not responsible if a cup of Elmer’s sends your laptop to Fix-it Land) and work away.

We ask that you not bring your laptop during our busy hours, which are presently Friday nights from 5-9pm (dinner) and Saturdays and Sundays during breakfast (8am – noon) as we need all our tables for breakfast and dinner customers. Any other time we’re open, however, come on in and get yourself an office.

Available wireless times:

  • Monday – Thursday: 7am – 6pm
  • Friday: 7am – 4:30 pm
  • Saturday and Sunday: 12:30 pm – 5 pm

Of course, if we get full up on the weekdays during breakfast we may ask you to free up the table, but generally weekdays aren’t that busy during the off-season.

Nan Parati - Elmer's StoreNan Parati: Nan is the proprietor of Elmer’s Store in Ashfield, MA. A New England transplant from the Deep South, Nan shares her southern wit, wisdom and charm every week in her column, “Notes from Nan.” Share dinner with her every Friday at Elmer’s. Each weeks menu posted with her column. Previous Notes from Nan:

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