T-Shirt & Blue Jeans Episode on HFVS (09/18/07)

with Sienna & Persephone
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T-Shirt & Blue Jeans Episode
09/18/07 Playlist

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In preparation for the HFVS 1st Annual T-Shirt Review Mini-Fest & Ice Cream Social happening this Saturday, we pulled out a few shirt songs (plus jeans, pants and a hat) and threw together a wardrobe episode. A little mixed-matched, but it works. This week’s photo is a collage of t-shirt images we received from our participating artists. We’ll have details from the event in the upcoming weeks following the review. So be sure to check back often.


We received a couple of new compilation CD’s this week that we included songs from into the mix. The first CD is Classic Animal Songs. We decided to play Billy Jonas’ song, “What Kind of Cat Are You?!” While the song was playing I asked Persephone what kind of cat she was. She predictably said, “A Cheetah!” Then she asked me what kind of cat I was. I responded, “A black panther caught in a circus act!” —  Jonas’ song doesn’t actually explore the different kinds of cats but rather different words that begin with “cat,” like catastrophe, catalytic converter and catacomb.  It’s a cleaver and “cat”chy song. Other artists featured on Classic Animal Songs include Trout Fishing in America, Dan Zanes, Peter Himmelman, Joe McDermott, Parachute Express, and many others.

We also played a couple of cuts from Every Child Deserves A Lifetime, a new fund-raising CD to benefit the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation. I couldn’t resist playing Bob Dylan singing “This Old Man” and Bruce Springsteen singing “Chicken Lips and Lizard Hips.” Another cut off this album I’d like to play on a future episode of HFVS is Little Richard’s version of “Itsy Bitsy Spider.”  You really can’t go wrong with this CD.  It has “gift” written all over it.  Between a group of artists that have parent appeal, a song selection that has kid appeal, and the proceeds going to benefit a children’s health organization, I’ll be stuffing this into stockings this upcoming holiday season.

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