Kid’s Music T-Shirt Review

The Hilltown Family Variety Show’s
1st Annual T-Shirt Review
Mini-Fest & Ice Cream Social

On September 22nd the Hilltown Family Variety Show will be hosting the first-of-its-kind review of children’s musician’s t-shirts!

T-shirts were sent in from all over the country by notable children’s musicians for this event. They will be reviewed by a select group of “Official Reviewers.” Our reviewers are from our listening area and many are members of Hilltown Families; but above all, all of our “Official Reviewers” are kids. This time the kids get to sound off and their opinions, talk backs and sasses WILL matter.

The HFVS T-Shirt Review is a great opportunity to let the world know that just as there are plenty of great kids bands out there, you might not know about, there are that many great t-shirts too. This review is such a fun and original idea! – ScribbleMonster


There are three reasons I can think of, other than “Why Not?:”

  • There is a rich world of independent children’s musicians playing excellent music the whole family would love. A t-shirt review offers a unique introduction between audience and band. Ben Rudnick & Friends said it well, “A t-shirt review! What FUN! As a self- proclaimed t-shirt lover, I can’t imagine a more unique way to celebrate the wave of music geared towards families and kids than the ubiquitous t-shirt … Long live band t-shirts!”
  • It gives the kids a voice that will be heard and respected. Princess Katie & Racer Steve know the value of their opinions. They have even gone so far as to bribe and make promises, “Tell the kid-reviewers that if they review us favorably they will never have to do homework again and there will be 4-day weekends … forever. Oh, and chocolate chip cookies for breakfast every morning.”
  • Events that are celebratory and bring families together can only make a community stronger and healthier. One of the primary missions of Hilltown Families, sponsor of this event, is to support opportunities for families to create, connect and continue community. Music always brings people together and this event affords the opportunity of exposing kids to a variety of music in a fun environment. Soundzania said it best, “This event is an outstanding way to show kids that making and sharing music can be loads of fun!”


Freelance artist Seth Gregory of Ashfield, MA, has created our T-Shirt Review T-Shirt logo. We hope to have our T-Shirt Review T-Shirt available for sale soon. E-mail Sienna if you would like to reserve one in your size.


The following bands submitted their t-shirts for review. Click on their names to be redirected to their websites and check out their music. You’ll be happy you did!


Following the review on September 22nd, results will be posted here approximatly six weeks later. All the t-shirts we received, along with their corresponding CDs will be offered up as promotional giveaways in the many months that follow. Be sure to read our HFVS Episode post every week for an opportunity to win.


If you are with the PRESS and interested in covering the review, or would like to pre-order a T-Shirt Review T-Shirt, click here to send us an EMAIL, or send us a message along with your email address in the field below:


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  1. We’re looking at three different colors in tones of blue, green or tan for the adult shirts. For the kids we’ll have kelly green, blue and tangerine.

  2. What a fantastic event! And what a fantastic shirt! I want one so bad, and I am def going to sign up for the pre-order. can you specify the colors available?

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