Educational and Inspiring Puppetry at CAM

Dr. Marmalade, A Puppet Show

(c) Julie McCarthyLearning about nature through music and performance… You have read all about the concept here on Hilltown Families. Coming up on September 15th at 11am will be another chance to participate in a local performance with Dr. Marmalade at the Children’s Art Museum in Shelburne Falls, MA. Dr. Marmalade has traveled the world helping her puppet animals in distress. Her gentle, empowering methods leave everyone with a sense of well-being and adventure. In her plays she introduces the audience to many puppet friends as they all come to her for help:

  • A gorilla with a belly ache
  • A singing dinosaur
  • A snake that wants to be a kitty
  • A giraffe, crow, rabbit and many others

The children become her assistants, giving hugs, words of encouragement, and even translating for a lost puppy. A beautiful map is the backdrop for Dr. Marmalade’s world, and her traveling “Emerge-And-See” Wagon will surprise and delight.

Based in the Berkshires, Marmalade Productions specializes in educational and inspiring puppetry for school shows, and a host of roving characters that are ideal for festivals. They recognize the importance of participation, and value the input and reactions of their young audience.

  • Children’s Art Museum (same building as the Trolley Museum)
  • Shelburne Falls, MA
  • 11am
  • Saturday, September 15th
  • For more information call Tony(a) Lemos 413.625.6826
  • Or visit them on-line at

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