Schoolhouse Rock Episode on HFVS (08/28/07)

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August 28th, 2007 @ 7pm

Schoolhouse Rock Episode

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Remember Schoolhouse Rock shorts from when we were kids? They aired in between Saturday morning cartoons, which I loved watching and remember them fondly. Persephone loves them too. We have the entire collection on video. If you’re not opposed to using cartoons to help educate you kids, you might find them to be a great tool to use for adding another dimension to your child’s education on language, math, government, economics and science.

One of my favorite Schoolhouse Rock videos is “Three is a Magic Number.” On this week’s show Persephone shares that she thinks 7 and 10 are magic numbers… and you know what … I think she’s right! Click here to listen.


Parents that are appalled by the fact that a few corporations control our media… you might appreciate Conspiracy Theory Rock, “Media-opoly,” a SNL spoof of Schoolhouse Rock, by Robert Smigel:

It aired once on SNL but was never seen again on any future broadcasts following it’s 1998 premiere. I guess the big boys and girls of NBC didn’t find Smigel’s satirical video worth sharing with their classmates, or worth getting in trouble over with their principal, General Electric (their parent company).


Congratulations to Gwyneth over at Gooney Bird Kids for winning a copy of Rebecca Frezza‘s CD, Road Trip offered on our Farmyard Jungle Episode. She correctly identified the lyric, “We can not use little monkeys who don’t do as they are told” from the song “Monkeyshines,” from the album Broken Record by Twink.


Caption ContestThis week’s caption contest was inspired by the folks over at Milkshake (who confess they were inspired by the New Yorker Magazine). Post a short caption in the comment box below to go along with this week’s photo and win a reviewed copy of the School House Rock! video, Science Rock, donated by Grendel  Books. The funnier the better. Winner will be selected and announced on the October 2nd episode of HFVS.

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    1. Here’s one for your caption contest:

      “A night of one too many juice boxes!”

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