Sandy Sandwiches and Local Food at Cup & Top

Storyteller Keith Munslow Visits Florence

SANDY SANDWICHES AT CUP & TOPKeith Munslow at Cup and Top (c) Hilltown Families [Things to do in Florence, Massachusetts]

Acclaimed storyteller, musician and visual artist, Keith Munslow was at Cup & Top this past Saturday following a live on-air performance and interview on Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child. Keith’s performance was interactive and funny, filled with original songs and stories. His performance included a storyboard of cartoons that he would draw on-the-spot. Several families got to take home his poster sized drawings following his show.

Keith’s style reminded me a lot of another storyteller I admire, Bill Harley. I later learned that Bill helped produce Keith’s newest album, Dressed Up For The Party. That explains everything! Two very talented storytellers. Boogedy Boogedy is the running catch phrase for anything scary in our house – that comes from Bill Harley’s story, “The Swamp Monster,” from his award winning album Blah, Blah, Blah.

But this article is about Keith, who had the kids enthralled with his story, “The Bellywog;” a story about the critter that visits our tummys at night leaving us with a belly ache in the morning before moving on to the next persons house, and the round of remedies that are offered by well meaning folks. Persephone’s dad came with us and I caught him laughing once or twice. A sure sign that Keith can entertain even the most cynical of audience members. (That’s high accolades, Keith!)

Click here if you’d like to find out where and when Keith Munslow will be performing in the area, or here if you’d like to discover Bill Harley’s performance schedule too. They are both from Rhode Island so they are sure to be in our area again soon.


Following the performance, our family had lunch at Cup & Top. The owner, Helen, does a great job at using local food in her menu items, including fresh herbs from her own personal cafe garden in Florence. They also make their own pastries (including a gluten free selection) and yogurt with fresh local milk from Mapleline Farm in Hadley, MA. To follow is a list of many of the items they serve up from local farms and local providers:

  • Appalachian Naturals Dressings (Goshen, MA)
  • Bread Euphoria Organic Bread (Haydenville, MA)
  • Dean’s Beans Coffee (Orange, MA)
  • Diemand Farm Eggs (Wendell, MA)
  • Enterprise Farm Organic Produce (Whately, MA)
  • Gus & Paul’s NY Bagels (Springfield, MA)
  • TeaGuys Loose Leaf Tea (Florence, MA)

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