Uncle Rock Guest DJ Episode on HFVS (July 31th, 2007)

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July 31th, 2007 @ 7pm

Uncle Rock Guest DJ Episode

  • John Williams – “Star Wars Theme” [Star Wars Soundtrack]
  • Randy Newman – “The Time Of Your Life” [A Bug’s Life Soundtrack]
  • Henry Mancini – “Pink Panther Theme” [Pink Panther Soundtrack]
  • Peter, Paul and Mary – “Leatherwing Bat” [Peter, Paul & Mommy]
  • Loudon Wainwright – “Dead Skunk”
  • White Stripes – “Little Ghost”
  • Harry Nilsson – “Think About Your Troubles” [The Point Soundtrack]

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Uncle Rock put together a great playlist of tunes from a variety of soundtracks for this week’s show as our Guest DJ. I don’t know who was more excited about doing the show together, my daughter or Uncle Rock, but I do know they had a fun time! They talked about their love of the movie Star Wars, discovering that Uncle Rock rivals in his admiration of Star Wars as a youth with my daughter’s dad. She shared her discovery of the theme to the Pink Panther at a Gustafer Yellowgold performance this past spring and was delighted that Uncle Rock had it on his playlist. All the while they discussed bats, skunks and ghosts, in-between great songs on the same topics.


Following this past weekend’s Uncle Rock concert and guest DJ stint, my daughter and I headed up to Maine. Being a southern girl, the furthest north I’ve ever been on the East coast has been Massachusetts, so a big adventure lay ahead for us. Fortunately the ride up was uneventful; however, I was looking forward to listening to many CD we’ve recently received from different bands, including Sugar Free Allstars, Matt & Ellen, Candy Band, and Uncle Rock’s newest CD, Uncle Rock U. But I’ll tell you, the only thing my daughter wanted to listen to was this week’s show we had burned to CD.

The trip was seven hours long … you do the math. That’s fourteen times! Actually, it was only twelve times. Fortunately, she fell asleep for about 45 minutes, and I snuck in a new CD with an audio montage of music by The Beatles. I’ve since found myself humming “Little ghost, little ghost,” and exclaiming that my daughter’s sneakers are “Stinking to high heaven,” all lyrics found in this week’s playlist that are now engraved in my brain after twelve hours of “Tuneful Travel Torture” by my five year old.

We’ve since made it up to Maine safe and sound. I’ve stopped in to one of the local libraries to post this week’s playlist because my friend’s house is straight out of the 18th century, void of all modern day computer technologies. I’m sure we’ll have many stories to share when we return.

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Off to check out the lobstah…

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