Notes from Nan: Breakfast, Legos, Legos, Breakfast

Notes from Nan
by HF Contributing Writer, Nan Parati

Lego StoreHey! Want to hear our best customer review yet?

This place is as good as a Lego store.
Grayson, age 7

Grayson had just finished breakfast and he was apparently quite, quite happy. So remember that if you’re trying to decide whether to go to breakfast at Elmer’s or to go get Legos – you’ll find equal satisfaction at either venue.


Breakfast to Go Faster

There I was, the owner of Elmer’s, headed for work in Greenfield on the Green River Festival, standing in front of the counter at Elmer’s, wishing I had something really, really good for me that I could just grab and eat on the run.

So you know what we’re going to do now?

Breakfast Burritos! Ready to go! Sort of like fast food in that it’s fast because it’s already waiting for you. No calling ahead. But not like fast food because it’s really good for you! We’ll make them fresh every morning and have them here for you. Real, live breakfast, easy to hold in your hand as you careen down the mountain on a bicycle!*

Don’t forget that we now stay open for breakfast until 11am Monday- Friday and until noon on Saturday and Sunday. I haven’t changed the sign out front yet, but I’m working on that.

*Neither the owner of Elmer’s, her employees, her family nor her friends are going to be responsible for you if you actually careen down a mountain on a bicycle, a car, skis, a wagon, a go-cart, a scooter, a sled, a Segway nor any other vehicle and crash while holding an Elmer’s Breakfast Burrito in your hand. That was merely a funny visual image and not a serving suggestion. You wait until you get to the bottom of the hill and at your destination before you eat that burrito.

Friday Night’s Menu (07/27/07)

  • Summer zucchini, cut in half and stuffed with ground beef and vegetables. Fennel, Orange and olive salad. AND POPOVERS!!!
  • For the vegetarians we will have the zucchini stuffed with the vegetables only.
  • Ala carte dessert menu: Erika’s Fresh Fruit Tarts or Richard Hebert’s Pound Cake with blueberries
  • For the children and Sean Skalski we will have Macaroni and Cheese.

Department of Things that make you say, Hmmmm:

When Sean goes away to school are we going to have to take Macaroni and Cheese off the Menu??

Our upcoming calendar reads as follows:

  • Saturday, July 28th Manfred and the Irish Session Band 3pm-5pm. And evening show by Radio Free Earth 7-9 pm. This one will be outside, weather permitting, bring your kids and your lawn chairs!
  • Sunday, August 5th Art Openings by Annette Rubino Buckley and Dorothy Osterman 7-9pm
  • Saturday, August 11th Katie Clark Trio. Weather permitting, we’ll be outside. Bring your kids and your lawnchairs!

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