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July 27th, 2007 @ 7pm

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This weeks episode was inspired by the simplicity of Eric Herman’s song, “I Like Elephants.” Let the kids check out the video above. Herman travels through a list of animals familiar to any five year old and sings about their basic character traits and habits. Only he puts the character traits with the wrong animal and his kids correct him with the right one. So simple it’s sweet.


(c) Hilltown Families - The Princess and Farmer BenLast week my daughter went to camp at Red Gate Farm Education Center in Buckland, MA. On her last day of camp she wore her tiara all day. ALL DAY! It was the beginning of what has now become a “must have” for any activity she participates in, even bath-time. To the right is a photo of her holding court with “Farmer Ben” and to the left (your other left) she’s with one of her camp counselors. She always has a great time visiting the farm. In addition to youth camps, they have an exciting Seed Saving Program, along with workshops and opportunities to volunteer. Ben Murray, the director of Red Gate (“Farmer Ben” as she calls him), has expressed his interest in being a guest blogger on Hilltown Families. I’m sure he’ll have a lot of insight to share regarding his adventures with kids. We’re looking forward to his submission. In the meantime, visit them on-line at www.redgatefarm.org and go by for a visit.

Next week we are heading to Maine to stay with a dear friend of mine. We’re sending our kids to day camp for the week and having five days of Mommy Time! MOMMY TIME!!!!


Road Trip by Rebecca FrezzaThis week we offer up a contest to all our listeners. Name which song in this weeks playlist has the following quote: “We can not use little monkeys who don’t do as they are told.” The first correct answer posted below in our comment section will win a copy of Rebecca Frezza’s CD Road Trip. Road Trip is a winner of the Children’s Music Web Award and a recommended Parents’ Choice. This album includes one of our featured songs this week, “Space Dog.” If you did not get to hear the show on WXOJ 103.3FM Tuesday night, then listen to our podcast or download an archived show.


We’ve consolidated a few resources we know about that go with our Farmyard Jungle theme. For more animal resources, visit our Discover Animals On-line link in the left hand column, or click here. Please share any resources you and your kids are fond of by posting in our comment box below and to let us know if any of the links are dead.

I like elephants

I like monkeys

I like fish

I like dogs

I like cats

I like bears

I like frogs

I like horses

5 Comments on “HFVS Farmyard Jungle Episode (Radio Show/Podcast)

  1. Congratulations Gwyneth! That’s the correct answer to our contest. Send us your mailing address so we can send you a copy of Rebecca Frezza’s CD Road Trip.

  2. I must first say that your daughter has incredibly great taste in headwear. That said, I’m very impressed, but not surprised, that her tiara is made of REAL diamonds. I’m sure Queen Mum Sienna will be making payments on that until she turns 32.

    I think what your daughter has quickly figured out is that nothing says, “I have arrived” quite like a tiara. I’m guessing that that sparkly headpiece got her a lot of extra, “Oh, you’re so cutes!” at camp and it’s made bathtime so much more festive.

    With a deep curtsey, I welcome your daughter to the Club.


  3. It does look like your daughter’s … only my daughter’s tiara (as she quickly pointed out to the store clerk at Whole Foods) is made of REAL DIAMONDS … Wouldn’t it be great to sport a tiara (or even a fancy hat with feathers) whenever inspired? The only grown woman I can think of that can get away with wearing a tiara is my daughter’s girl, Princess Katie. She figured it out!

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