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Hilltown Family Variety Show
WXOJ LP – 103.3 FM
Northampton, MA
July 17th, 2007 @ 7pm

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  • Steve Weeks – “Hilltown Family Variety Show”
  • Scribble Monster & His Pals – “Pick Up The Toys” [Best of Friends]
  • Owen Duggan – “The Marvelous Toy” [An Elephant Never Forgets]
  • David Weinstone – “I Like Your Toys” [Runaround Kid]
  • Bill Harley – “Barbie’s Head is Missing” [I Wanna Play]
  • Green Chili Jam Band – “Yo Yo Rodeo” [Coconut Moon]
  • The Chiselers – “Playmate” [Rudy’s Rockin Kiddie Caravan]
  • Tim Knuth – “Little Red Wagon” [Wiggleworms Love You]
  • Woody Guthrie – “My Yellow Crayon” [Nursery Days]
  • Nancy Tucker – “Escape of the Slinkys” [Escape of the Slinkys]
  • AudraRox – “All My Toys Are Broken” [I Can Do It By Myself!]


I took my daughter to a Retro Party at the Berkshire Museum last week for their exhibit, Kids Stuff: Great Toys from Our Childhood. The exhibit was a walk down memory lane. All the old toys I remember from being a kid were on display. Visitors had the chance to look through View Finders, get their fortunes told by Crazy Eight Balls, make Slinkys walk down the stairs, do a cats cradle with Yo-yos, toss about Nerf Balls, dress dolls with Colorforms, race Hot Wheels or entangle themselves in a game of Twister. The exhibit is up until September 3rd. It’s worth the effort to take the kids and go. Parents will get a kick out of their old toys being displayed in a museum, and kids will have fun playing with the exhibits.

(c) Hilltown FamiliesAside from the games and toys, the thing I found very interesting was the Retro Food Fare being served, including Twinkies and Ho Hos. The nutritionist in me noted the mounds of artificial confections when we arrived and thought them more as a display from crimes of the culinary culture of the past. Following the party I was dismayed that people had actually eaten them! These were Hostess Twinkies … not fresh baked short cake stuffed with a banana creme filling, as they had originated as. No. These were the kind stuffed with partially hydrogenated vegetable oil and/or beef fat. People were gobbling them up. I overheard one guest talking about eating deep fried Twinkies. What? Deep fried Twinkies aren’t an urban legend? I had heard of fried Oreo’s (they were selling them at the Clearwater Music Festival), but this was the first time I had heard of someone actually frying a Twinkie! I later read that over 25,000 deep-fried Twinkies were sold at a county fair in New York. That’s one heck of a load of crispy Twinkies!


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