HFVS 1st Annual T-Shirt Review!


HFVS T-Shirt Review

The Hilltown Family Variety Show (HFVS) is having its first annual T-shirt Review and Promo this fall!

We’ll be inviting a group of Hilltown Families to review t-shirts from children’s musicians or compilation albums that feature kid or family-friendly music. Our review will be posted here on http://www.HilltownFamilies.org in November. It should be a lot of fun!


Children’s musicians seem to be in a league of their own with creative logos, illustrations and slogans screened upon bright colored t-shirts that parents approve of and kids love to wear. A T-shirt Review gives both fans and artists the opportunity to display the range of designs artists use to celebrate this relationship.


If you’d like to participate, the deadline is September 1st, but the sooner it’s sent in the better.

What to send in:

  1. Child’s size 6-8 (Youth S) T-shirt
  2. Press kit
  3. Two (2) copies of any CD’s you would like us to include in our review
  4. If you have more than one style you’d like to send (different designs, color variations) send all samples in mentioned size

Where to send it:

Hilltown Families, P.O. Box 98, West Chesterfield, MA 01084

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