Suggested Activity: Insect Observation Station

Bug Watching

CCL - (c) StStevIt appears that my daughter is not alone with her fascination with insects. Along with several comments, I also received the following suggested activity from one of our loyal readers:

Hello Girls!

I have two little granddaughters who also love bugs and have lots of fun collecting and creating “bug museums” to share with everyone. My daughter, their mom, is a 2nd grade teacher and recently read about a great idea for bug watchers. Hang a white or light colored sheet on the clothesline after dark and place a lantern or campfire on the backside of the sheet. Sit in front of the sheet and watch how the moths and night bugs are attracted to the light and stand out against the sheet! They also observed some great bat action since it was like a feeding station for them. The girls had a great time with this idea and I thought Persephone might enjoy it also.

By the way, the bug museum only contains bugs that were not alive when found. They don’t kill anything of course.

Have fun!

Gail H.

Thank for the idea Gail! A great night time activity to do with our budding bug doctor. We look forward to trying it out.

If you have a suggested activity to do with your kids that you would like to also share with our readers, email us and share your idea.

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