Breastmilk Banking in Western Mass

Got (breast) Milk?

In 1911 the very first milk bank in the country was established in Boston. Many more were established from then, later to be closed in the 80’s due to concerns of HIV contamination. Today we have 10 non-profit breastmilk banks in the U.S. The nearest location for parent’s in Western Massachusetts to attain a supply of breastmilk is North Carolina or Ohio … until now!

Our friend Tanya Lieberman over at Motherwear Breastfeeding Blog is part of a breastfeeding coalition working to establish a collection point in our area for breastmilk donations. These donations will become part of the Mother’s Milk Bank of New England, scheduled to open in Boston in a year of so.

Tanya writes:

I’m starting to look around for a location. We’ll need a deep freezer and a location with backup power so that milk doesn’t thaw if there’s a power outage. I’ve heard that some milk banks locate collection stations in fire stations for that reason. We’ll also need to either drive the collected milk in to the Boston area, or try to get shipping donated by a local UPS or FedEx store. If anyone reading this runs a collection station, or knows someone who does, please email me.

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